What are the degrees I can do that do not completely focus on memorization (if you know what I mean)?

by | Sep 14, 2019 | Question & Answer

It is not about the degree, it is about who is teaching. Find enlightened teachers. They will not be focusing on living from the past. On memory. They will be teaching you to be in the present, to be yourself. It is about the understanding of the teacher that what aspects the teacher will be focusing on. If the teacher is living to a great degree from their memory, then their teaching will be from this level as well.

For example, a relatively more conscious, awakened computer science teacher will be more adapted to the present technologies, will be pushing the boundaries in their personal practice, relying less on using static techniques from the past, but relying more on their awareness and consciousness, evolving the field as they go on teaching. It doesn’t mean that they know specific technological details. But they will be more adaptable in any area that they need or desire to go in and have gone in.

A less awake teacher will bombard you with information, adding little novelty to the lesson and to their field as well. Their energy will be largely trapped and dissipating in the mental level.

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