Why does it often take so long to recover from job-related burnout?

by | Sep 14, 2019 | Question & Answer

Because ultimately, it was not because of the job. It is because of how you see yourself, how you see life. It is because you keep seeking happiness from outside yourself, thinking that you don’t have the innate ability to create it, and some other thing can give you it.

So, the more you keep thinking this way, the more you will stay frustrated. Your energy will keep dissipating to objects that you think will give you happiness. But it actually is your own energy, your own self that can truly fulfill you.

If the job consists of ideas that say you yourself is not enough, you yourself don’t have the love, are not the love, and you should chase after this or that condition to have this love, and the conditions will be impossible to fulfill, they will come one after another, always changing, always out of reach.. even when you fulfill a goal, the next will be there right after… then that job is not healthy, a recipe for burnout.

But why? Because you yourself have been postponing your happiness from the beginning. You have been believing into these ideas.. and they are spurring you on. After a while.. you will start to become disillusioned and the neglected body/emotions/mind will be tired. They will be tired from trying so many external things (things you see external to yourself) to reach fulfillment, repeatedly and inevitably failing. Resignation is a natural result of trying long enough something that is not possible.

Burnout is not job-related. It is understanding related. And understanding that is required to heal this burnout is acquired by being. By allowing yourself to be, to be as you are. Letting go of these ideas that say you are not complete as yourself. It will open up. Just allow yourself. You ARE Love. The job was just an external manifestation for your limited understanding. As you awaken to your true self, your understanding will evolve, and you will be able to create the experience of jobs without getting burned out. Just examine the basic ideas about how you see life. Your perception has always been your creation, beginning from the depths of yourself.

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