What does it say about a person when they are dependent on persecutory delusions in order to sustain their self-worth and ego-validation?

by | May 24, 2019 | Question & Answer

I wouldn’t say anything or form an opinion about them looking at this information. They are what they are.

This video can help you discern the difference between living from the ego and from our divine self:

Personal Power: Creating From the Divine Self Within vs the Ego Self

Increasing our awareness of ourselves, we can create our reality more and more consciously. Then, these/similar dependencies or automatic thought processes will lessen or in highly evolved people, be completely removed. We all have the desire within our hearts to awaken to this, to awaken to our true potential, to the awareness of our true selves. The more we honor this desire and work towards our enlightenment, the more we will progress along this path.

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