What do I need to know as a young motivational speaker?

by | May 24, 2019 | Question & Answer

No one owns life.. No one is innately superior.. We are all the same consciousness, same life. So, in my understanding, what is needed is to be alive, is to be oneself, is to be real. Motivation… The desire for motivation is actually the desire to know life, know it as it is.. so that we understand, we experience our completeness as life.

Look with your own ‘eyes’, you are what you are seeking. Look with your own awareness. If you look through the words of others, and remain only stuck on these words.. how will you experience what they point to? But if you keep looking with pure sincerity, life will begin to be revealed to you as it is without any imaginary distortions based on things you have not experienced yourself yet.

I am perhaps a motivational writer in a sense, but I am not trying to motivate people, I am pointing to the fact that they are the source of motivation themselves, that they are life itself. The more I can feel this genuinely within myself.. the more powerful my words become and I am still working on this. Working on being as I am. There cannot be any secret to life that is external to you, that is not inherently with you. Motivation need not be created in a sense; life is already moving, already motivated. We just need to see we are life, we just need to expand our awareness to experience our oneness with all life. Now you think that you are somewhat separate from the entirety of life. So, connect with who you truly are, connect with your heart. You will then begin to experience the energy of life that you are. And the more you experience this, the more people will recognize that you are experiencing it. It will keep filling your human self more and more and your words will carry this energy.

You can find many examples such as Swami Vivekananda, Sadhguru, Lincoln Gergar who have powerful voices. But.. the point is not to direct your attention to them and make you look up to them. The point is to learn that you also are this. The intention I am suggesting is to not look up to anybody, but to be truly inspired by them to realize the same potential. (not to start with an idea of inferiority, but with the idea that we are already in essence what we seek to find). The energy of inspiration they display is actually the same energy that you yourself are. It just appears separate..

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