Who has sinned, God or man?

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Question & Answer

That question is the sin, because God and man are not separate. Then who has sinned? See.. sin is just an experience available within infinite possibilities. When we separate life in our minds, we experience sin. Life is one unity, when we don’t separate it in our minds. So, when in unity, where is sin? When not, there you think is God, and here you think is yourself.

Surrender is spoken of in many religions. We don’t surrender to God. To means there are two entities. We and God. No… We surrender and experience. Then.. there is nothing to write about.. because .. about also means there is a separation.

There is only life, there is only oneness. Within this the mind, and the mind can play any game it wants. And it can let go and again oneness will be the experience.

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