If you are unsure of what career to pursue, how can you gain clarity and find fulfillment?

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Question & Answer

First of all, what is a career?

Is it a series of works we undertake to have a sense that ‘i am working, now i deserve my due’?

Why do people pursue careers? Are they trying to catch hold of something that they think they don’t have right now? It must be so, if it wasn’t, why pursue at all?

So OK.. but now, with this line of thinking, you are unsure of which career will give you what you think you don’t have right now.

Let’s not resist to this feeling of being unsure for a moment. Stay with it. Be completely honest with yourself. Can being a doctor for example give to your being what it already doesn’t have within itself? What if it is engineering then. Or being a plumber. Or.. being a writer. Being a politician. Psychologist. Blogger. Beggar. Billionaire entrepreneur.

See.. which one of these professions are superior? Select any profession, any person pursuing a career. Would being that person fulfill you? Look at them. Why are they still chasing around if they were truly fulfilled? Are they superior to you, are they getting something that you don’t inherently have from doing what they do? Look within you to answer these questions. It seems people with these careers are looking satisfied. But what does your heart tell you?

You are feeling unsure, because you are beginning to see the truth. None of these things can fulfill you because YOU are the source of fulfillment as your true self.

To the degree you look within yourself beyond all these thoughts floating around, including the thoughts in this answer, you will experience this truth of existence I have just told. You will need to go beyond the idea of pursuing careers, go beyond the idea that you need to do something to be complete, go beyond the idea that something is out there and you are here, and that something can fulfill you, and now you are finally OK. You must go beyond ideas.

Clarity is experiencing the state of pure awareness beyond all ideas. Fulfillment is you as awareness recognizing that you are the love, you are the love that is in everything, that is one with everything. Contemporary teachings have been masterfully designed to guide a person with contemporary thinking to experience these aspects of themselves. Now, if you truly, sincerely look within, you can discover it all. But as a tendency, you are habitualized to learn about who you are from others.. (We all get subjected to such conditioning, it is a natural progress). So, step by step, addressing different aspects of the existence, you can be supported to again go within and discover who you truly are yourself. So, you will be doing it, just using a reference because you have already conditioned yourself to use similar medium when experiencing life. But the core truth is, YOU are whole and complete always, and only an awakening needs to happen for this to be real for you. It already exists, you just must awaken to it by letting go of the ignorance.

You don’t need to use the above reference. You can use anything! Everything is your mirror. The point is, is your intention to awaken? How do you wish to awaken? Be absolutely committed and cut right to the truth, then it will happen most quickly. An important support to this commitment is to be very discerning from whom you are learning. Are they awake themselves? Were your parents, teachers, society who gave and are giving you the idea of pursuing careers, how awake were/are they? How much clarity and fulfillment they had/have? Now, the ball is yours.

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