What is the cause and solution for motivation loss?

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Question & Answer

If you are ready for a deep answer that can change the way you look at reality, read on. Stay with the answer, and your question will have been most completely answered in the end.

Are you experiencing a loss of motivation? See.. what you are experiencing right now is like looking at a mirror. You will see exactly who you are creating yourself to be. But there is no external mirror, looking at the mirror is the experiencing itself.

If you are experiencing a lack of purpose, lack of direction, a lack of guidance for your life, first of all this is perfect. You may resist this idea, but consider this. Even this is perfect because YOU are creating this to be like this. That is why it is perfect.

And also, YOU are creating the desire to move on from this lack of purpose, direction, guidance. Hence you asked the question. And the mirror is showing you an answer you can consider now.

The reason you are experiencing this loss is you are keeping yourself, keeping your awareness away from the depth of who you truly are. I used yourself and awareness in the same sentence, interchangeably. The reason is, one of our universal aspects is the Awareness. What is at the depth of ourselves then?

The deepest part of ourselves is formless Awareness. It is nothingness. Cultures which have the belief of God for example, have the roots of this belief in this nothingness. If nothing existed, this aspect would still be there, but there will be nothing, no form to know this. Different cultures have different references to this aspect. To put this into perspective: we are always this aspect, it is always there with us, as us.

Then forms appear within this Awareness. From the deepest part an all encompassing light is there. And coming to more surface levels, this light is covered over by a veil. When we look at reality from an ordinarily conditioned human being’s point of view, we see separate objects, people, beings, planets, stars etc. This is the veil. When we keep deeply focusing inward to our source, we can see this unified non separate light. I only briefly experienced this experience of non separation in 2014 after a session with my spiritual teacher. At the end of the session, I realized, when I looked, everything was one translucent whiteishness, a non separateness, and I was as if one with this, it was as if what I thought to be me was not there.

Normally, we are deeply conditioned and energy invested in maintaining the perception of the veil in our lives. This is the average consciousness of this planet. But, we can awaken to our deeper nature, to the deeper nature of reality if we desired and kept focusing on this. I was a student of enlightenment in 2014 and I still am. The experience in 2014 starts to make fuller sense only now after years of meditation and the evolution of my understanding. This answer is one of the expressions of this understanding, in many ways a contemplative answer.

So, what is the purpose of this awakening?

First of all, to awaken to this depth, we keep focusing to our deepest part as a human being. This is our spiritual heart. In this part we can feel the energy of Love most fully, because in this part it enters the human system. When we experience this energy of Love, our minds start to be fulfilled and peace starts to get created. The mind starts to get quieter and initially, we become more aware of the already existing activity in the mind. This process can feel disturbing for some for some periods, because we are normally not aware of the deeper activities of our mind this way. So, this can create resistance within us based on the judgments of humanity we have already made part of our understanding. Continuing on this path of focusing within, our minds naturally come to peace because, we are focusing on the source of the energy within and withdrawing our focus from the veil, from the thinking of separation. We are not blinding ourselves, we, with open eyes, just withdraw the attention from the belief of separation by focusing beyond this belief to the core of our human self.

But you may say wait! This is too advanced for me. OK.. If you felt that way, then start from the following paragraph. First, you can start by simple meditations. These won’t immediately make you focus on the depth of yourself. These can start with focusing on the breath, which is directly perceivable in an ordinary state of conditioning. Meditation is a state of focused awareness. So, we maintain our focus on an object during meditation. And focusing on the breath and staying aware, we will be meditating. What will happen when we meditate? Thoughts/emotions/sensations will arise. They will come, and as we stay aware and keep our attention to the object of meditation, they will return to silence. Sometimes, we will realize that our attention has wandered and we lost awareness of the object of meditation. Our task is to return our attention back to the object, breath in this case. This starting type of meditation, will introduce you to the aspect of Awareness I introduced above. Staying as awareness is the basis of evolving our understanding. As you evolve, naturally you will be drawn to explore the deeper parts of you. Then, you can go ahead and learn about placing your attention on the center of your chest and feel for the Spiritual Heart, stay aware to feel the energy of Love. That’s it.. Now you started focusing on the deepest part of the human being. Study this article for a concise, accurate teaching on this.

So, now you start your day by a practice of sitting meditation. You can start with Breath Awareness meditation or if you feel more inclined Love awareness/Spiritual Heart Meditation. Then after your practice is finished, you keep going through your day, maintaining the meditative state. You keep part of your attention on the breath or the Spiritual Heart and live as awareness. (Here is a further article to explain the differences between these meditations. It is as additional info, you don’t need to go into it now.)

If you have difficulties starting an awareness based meditation practice as explained above due to a very active mind, try the meditations in this sub-article, which will help you bring control to this level of activity. Then you can practice awareness based meditations with more ease.

So now, we have established a practice of meditativeness. If you keep this up, you will more and more awaken to the core of your being. And this being, is one with the universe, it is the universal self. It is intelligent, it is creative energy one with everything, and it is the Awareness that contains everything. So, now the lack of motivation problem will be vanishing because you will be knowing yourself as life itself, perfectly intelligent to guide itself and capable to create anything with itself. You will simply create as you desire, and there will be no experience of loss, no experience of lack, there will be an experience of completeness, wholeness, oneness.

In this path, you can experience resistance from the ego. This happens, because we have created this ego within ourselves and given it some energy. It is a perception of a separate self. As our understanding evolves, we find out that we are not the ego, and we discover the way to let go of the ego by awakening to our true selves. When we keep going in this path, the ego, even though it may put up some resistances, will be losing its energy and be dissolved eventually. So, the important thing is to keep focusing on the awakening path, and trusting that your sincere work is already creating enlightenment within you. Since the path contains seeing everything as it is, the practice of staying as awareness, your sincere effort and trust is never the action of deceiving yourself, you are both being very very very honest, and also trusting your sincere intention while staying on the path, thus further strengthening your path and the process of de-energizing doubts/resistances of the ego. It is a done deal when you keep going like this. Don’t worry about any tough lessons you may undergo. All is always perfect. You are IT. Just be sincere, and it will open up and up.

Examine these teachings for thorough information on this approach and the experiences this answer is based on.

So, the cause is your (the true you) creating your experience this way, the solution is to awaken to who you truly are, and a method to awaken is given above by an awakening student containing the works of an already fully awakened teacher.

A note about the writings in this site: I recommend you check these two articles (article 1) (article 2) about the writings on this site if you haven’t already.