Can a poet be successful in a sales or marketing career?

by | Jan 23, 2020 | Question & Answer

I have never seen something like that, but why not? Depends on how you create your expression. To make it more clear, my answer is YES!. If you make it such that within yourself, within your heart you are totally clear about your success, totally clear about how you will express yourself, at least in intention, and then you keep honoring this intention, then this intention will surely come to pass. Embrace the world in your intention, come from a place of pure love, as best as you can, as deep as you can, and you will be creating the highest happiness possible along with your experience. What I am saying is, first, really really create it within yourself, really feel the beauty of it. Keep honoring this intention, and keep letting go of what doesn’t serve this. This is your life, created from within yourself.

Update: I have written a few short poems in the past.. and they are buried somewhere that I can’t quickly find right now. But, while revisiting this answer to also post it in my blog, why not create one poem here?

“At the right moment, at the right place my friend..

The slightest push, in the right direction can move a mountain.”

Life is those moments combined,

The gentlest push of Love, ever present, with all things, as all things.

So, mountains move, and all else, too.

So, answer this first: Who art thou?”

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