Is it OK to leave the Kundalini in the cranium or should it be circulated out such as Taoist esoteric philosophy suggests?

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Question & Answer

You can open a medical book, too and see instructions for an operation. This doesn’t mean you must attempt it.

Kundalini awakens by its own as the development of the individual naturally progresses. Even then, there will be many lessons of learning and they will arise naturally.

I advise first learning to connect with your higher intelligence. We are all guided from within as our true selves. Learning concepts and trying to manipulate Kundalini with these concepts without having established a connection within will lead to errors. It is ultimately not the concepts, but the intelligence of our true self that can direct us correctly. Any concept can be misused when we are ignorant.

Opening up an ancient manuscript, and trying to use it without even a master teacher to guide you, and your body as the place of your work, is a very irresponsible approach. (I will explain why:) At the very least find a living enlightened teacher and go strictly per instructions if you really with to use your mind as an awakening tool and you wish to work with kundalini using your mind. And your inner intelligence is always guiding you, all work is to awaken you to your true self, a true enlightened teacher will guide you towards this. I wrote this warning paragraph, in case you somehow skip the step to first connect within yourself, and try to go just by philosophical concepts and try them without honoring your own intuition. This is not to discourage you from exploring. It is just that, to explore safely, we must learn to connect with our hearts, our own intuition. If you can thusly come from the space of your heart, you can explore anything, old or new, and create a healthy path for yourself. Your heart will help you understand what is meant in the words of these texts by guiding you to create learning experiences. If we don’t know how to connect with our hearts, this is where enlightened teachers can be of immense help to teach us how to connect within and they can also help with their knowledge on different parts of the human experience, being able to create their teachings with an awareness of our own understandings, in a suitable way for these contemporary times, for the present moment.

Update: Even after more than 6 years of experiencing the Kundalini energy within myself, I am still going with the above approach of connecting with my heart and going with its guidance during spiritual practices. Just as I wouldn’t open up my kidney and operate on it by just reading a manual, I would not work with my Kundalini energy using my mind unless I was absolutely certain that the teaching I am applying is correct and I have properly understood it. With the heart centered approach, we allow our Higher Self to guide us naturally during our awakening. Otherwise, our mind would need correct instructions with direct guidance from an enlightened person if we are working using our mind with our Kundalini, to prevent errors. Kundalini energy is really powerful. Therefore, we must approach it truly responsibly, to avoid creating damage to ourselves or others. There is no need to be fearful, but we must take humble steps just like.. for example when we are studying rocket science or any science and starting to apply this in engineering.

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