Is It Okay to Use the Back Support of a Chair While Meditating? I’ve Been Meditating for Almost 5 Years Now but This Question Is Still on My Mind. Does It Matter What Posture as Long as I Am Comfortable?

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Question & Answer

The point is to learn to be aligned with what you truly desire. Whether you are meditating in an advanced yogic posture, or whether you are meditating while laying on the bed, or sitting on a chair, are you able to be in the meditative state? We practice staying as this awareness during meditation. We learn to embrace all forms as ourselves. It is not the point to force the body into certain positions. We at some point may want to explore certain paths with certain body postures as well, but exploring a certain path, getting attached to a certain path is not the main point. The main point is awakening to who you truly are as the creator of everything in your experience. So, being able to be peaceful with whatever is arising within your experience, is a very good training, very good goal of meditation, because you yourself are creating your experience, and with practice, you are becoming one with the reality of this in experience, you are realizing this.

No path is actually giving you who you truly are. The path is just a tool, it is something you are learning with, it is something you are creating within yourself. You are already all that you are seeking to realize. Meditate with the desire to consciously experience this, and whatever posture you happen to be in, will lose its importance.

I love using a back support near my buttocks. When my body is not strong or my concentration has not been strong for a while, using a back support is a stage where my body is able to stay erect without much effort. When I maintain concentration, gradually the body strengthens, my posture opens up. I am not bothered with fighting with whatever posture my body is currently aligned with. I focus much more on truly being present in my meditation and I feel this benefits me a lot. I also meditate without support when my body is stronger. There is a desire to be able to meditate in postures where I can just comfortably sit wherever I am and not bothered with a back support, to awaken the ability to consciously create the body in that direction. But to do that, I feel I don’t need to fight the current stage of my body, I feel the more I embrace the body and everything with love, with awareness, the more the body strengthens and opens up and most quickly.

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