Been Meditating for 2 Years and Manage to Reach a Peaceful Level of Connectivity and Energy. I Can Sit For Over an Hour Twice Daily Without Following a Certain Method Simply Being… Any Recommendations on a Method With Fireworks I Can Explore?

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Question & Answer

Live from the meditative state of awareness throughout the day that you have practiced in sitting meditation. Your awareness will start to expand beyond your human self. You will start to become more aware of your deeper aspects, the aspects of your Higher Self. You are the energy of all fireworks you desire to experience. If you remain as awareness, and also start to go deeper to discover the source of life as yourself, as well as embracing all life/everything as you are, including the intelligence of life as you are, then you can create anything you desire from this state of awareness of oneness.

Here is an article that can be an entry point for this deeper exploration. It gives information about the Higher Self, also contains a video created from a Higher Self realized state, and further goes into explaining topics such as channeling.

Live with the intent and honor the intent of knowing who you truly are, and advanced experiences will come to you. Trusting the entirety of life, trusting the perfection of all life as it is, is very important to move forward in this direction/to awaken more and more fully to this.

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