Why should I do yoga and Patanjali’s view?

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Question & Answer

The word yoga means union. You are life, and when ‘yoga’, you know this, you are in the experience of this. Yoga is living as your true self.

You don’t have to follow anybody’s view including Patanjali’s. You are free to create your life as you desire. You are free to examine Patanjali’s works as they have arrived to this time. A true sage in my understanding would be able to create a mental map based on direct experience for others to benefit from.

Learning from enlightened beings can guide your understanding in the direction of awakening to your true self, because they are sharing from their experience as well. There are living enlightened beings who are also teaching in our times as well. Basically, you are creating your life as you desire, so what will you desire? Keep looking with sincerity and you will be uniting with life, with yourself more and more. In this way, more clarity will be coming. This is Yoga.

You might want to examine Sadhguru’s story about how he got enlightened. His story clearly indicates that he was really looking into life with his own awareness, and by and by the experience of truth grew within him, until a day when it burst into his experience in fullness. Isn’t a freedom that is innate within us, as us worth living with? Look with your freedom, and learn from any part of life as you see fit. All is within you. And don’t forget to look beyond your fives senses to deeper within yourself. To open your path of experiencing truth in fullness, don’t keep denying any part of life/seeing it separate from yourself.


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