Can We Reach a Higher Level of Consciousness Through Meditation or Other Spiritual Practices?

by | Sep 28, 2022 | Question & Answer

Yes, we can.
The reason is, we as highest level of consciousness already exist eternally and are now creating this experience of being human to give us a unique possibility of creation within infinite possibilites that our being encompasses.
Meditation practices have the purpose of creating the experiences of focusing on and becoming aware of our higher consciousness aspects. They are introduced in forms based on the level of awareness and the desire of the student.
Other spiritual practices have also the same purpose. The word spiritual, comes from spirit, and spirit is the word that holds the meaning, essential nature, which can be said to be the consciousness of/that is one with All that is. Therefore, spiritual practices by definition aim to awaken one to this consciousness in a greater capacity.
As consciousness is creating with form, as we awaken more to us being the consciousness, we are also engaging with the forms of our life, and in this engagement while awakening more to the consciousness that we are, the forms evolve, too. Meditation and spiritual practices therefore are linked inseparably, As consciousness is one with form ultimately inseparably. And while experiencing ourselves as form, in the human experience, we can awaken to our being the consciousness and also oneness with form as consciousness.
We practice meditation and learn to maintain a state of meditativeness in all our activities again through practice, learning to stay in the awareness of the consciousness that we are more and more deeper while we live our lives. Spiritual practices which are not named meditation will also contain aspects of meditation with differing degrees built-in the practices.
Essentially, one consciousness can create infinite ways to experience itself and awaken to itself from within dreams of infinite possibility, the dream of being human being one domain of possibilities of dreaming, possibilites of creation, having boundless variety of possibilites even within itself.
So, to not get lost in confusion while searching for meditation practices, and spiritual practices: Just work on getting clear on what you desire, get clear (progressively as needed) that you are desiring to awaken to your infinite consciousness nature, and you are the consciousness so you can create your path of awakening. Trust your true nature that is always there with you, one with you, and your success of your path will be assured because you are creating and trusting it as your Self.
While walking on your path, be aware that Love is always available to you, because Love is your true nature, one of your higher consciousness aspects. You can always trust your Self, your true nature. This will give you endless strength as long as you trust this.
The success of the path of awakening to our true nature is assured for the sincere because We are the creator of our reality, eternally.

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