What Is the Importance of Deep Meditation, and Why Do Distractions Come?

by | Sep 24, 2022 | Question & Answer

This answer requires me to access my intuition. All knowledge is within us.

Everything is one Self. Self is both beyond everything and also one with everything in the sense that all things observed are creations within Self that are being observed by the Self.

There are two kinds of observation.

One is, Self creates and identifies within itself with a temporary separate self structure and observes creation from the lense of this sense of separate self. The separate sense of self has a limited amount of perception of the entirety of creation because it is the way it was created. It transforms over time to have differing amounts of perception of the entirety of Self ultimately as guided by the Self. As long as the separate self is expanding its perception through meditation, distractions are bound to come because creation is infinite possibilities combined and anything outside the limited perception of the separate self, anything that is not embraced yet, will be initially perceived automatically as from the outside, foreign, a distraction.

Another is the observation type of the Higher Self. Higher Self is the all knowing, all perceptive, all powerful, all intelligent part of creation that is one with creation. This part creates and guides everything as everything keeps expanding into infinity, infinite number of experiences within Self. For the Higher Self, there are no distractions, because it knows all the time that everything is created by it.

The importance of meditation is it awakens us more and more into our All that is nature, our nature that we are the Creator of all existence, one with it, infinite, free, all knowing, all powerful, all intelligent. The more our meditation deepens, the more we are realizing our true nature. The importance of deep meditation is, we as the Self, as the Creator are choosing more and more to realize our true nature, and this is deep meditation, beyond what appears to our senses, our mind, emotions, body.. going more and more deeper to more and more subtler aspects of creation, arriving at the Higher Self wisdom, and we can sense our complete freedom as God if we will to sense it as God.

The more we are in the knowledge that we are God, the more we are present as God, the more we are in the perception of our Higher Self, the less anything will appear as unembraced, foreign, as a distraction, outside our creative influence. Because ultimately, we are the Creator that is creating literally everything.

All this information in this answer can be discovered by each and every reader by sincere desire to experience/realize their true selves in fullness, and concentrating on their path of awakening to this, as guided by this sincere desire which will be coming from deeper within our hearts. The discovery experience will be happening in accordance by the universal laws created by God.

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