My Current Perspective While My Energy is Increasing/Building up and Where I am Feeling Centered

by | Jun 17, 2015 | Blog Post

I must do something. It was the thought that was in my mind today. I was centered in my heart, my energy was building up, old habits losing their momentum moment to moment.

But I kept focusing on my heart. I would not worry about doing something in life. I will act from a place of wholeness, following my heart, embodying more and more unconditional love and energy. This is what I feel right now. It is really a matter of focusing and maintaining focus on the heart, and acting with courage from this state. But it is not a one time courage of lifting a huge amount of weight in one motion. It is a moment to moment conscious effort to focus on your highest truth, to your heart, beyond your separate personality. This is of course where I am at right now, everyone’s perspective can be different according to where they are at, and that is perfect.

So, moment by moment, step by step, it develops, but the starting point of focus and the focus while taking the steps are the same in essence. It is going deeply inwards, and staying there while your life unfolds. It is a continuous learning process, a process of evolution, maturation, spiritual and personal development. For some this may be the building up of the personality, for some this may be the letting go of the layers of personality into realizing a deeper state of existence. But it is a development.

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