Power, Responsibility, Impeccability and Surrender

by | Nov 21, 2015 | Blog Post

Some minutes ago, I shook my head and put a hand to my mouth. I was surprised how seemingly small words can trigger great energies from people. But I am now fairly certain that Divine Love never betrays you. It only helps you.

As I said in the previous post, I have been irregularly focusing on Divine Love, my focus as a trend is more and more continuous with respect to time. So, I have been lately increasingly centered throughout my days.

This practice has been increasing the overall energy available to me, giving me insights, making me more mature. And I have been getting awed sometimes at the events and changes occurring in my life.

Every word is important. The more energy you have, the more weight everything you do carries, the more responsible you are. Imagine that you have been given the personal charisma of a world leader. You can influence many people with your words. Lives can be lost by your words, and lives can be saved.

The lessons of responsibility will be given to you as you align with the greater purpose of life. As more energy is given to you by life, you will simultaneously become more capable of serving the greater purpose of life. Or as you become more capable, more energy will be given to you at the same time.

Responsibility is a matter of dedication to impeccability. Only truly impeccable individuals will be given the most important responsibilities. This has countless examples worldwide. Look at the truly influential individuals that stand the test of time and history. You will sooner or later notice a quality of awareness, a quality of concentration, a quality of charisma, purpose and energy in these individuals.

These words are the results of the lessons I have been being given throughout my recent times.

Impeccability.. is something I have started to strive for. Very very recently. And more so during the writing of this article.

Oh my God. When you realize that you can have great influence upon the world, and this influence can be both positive and negative, that every action, every small decision counts.. And that you create your reality.. What is there to do other than cultivate impeccability and being 100% responsible for your actions?

I close my eyes with my hand, an unconscious fear raised my hand to my eyes. Fear. If succumbed to, it will drag one down to irresponsibility and powerlessness.. You will lose your power, you will sabotage yourself, so that you won’t be able to do much harm. You will cocoon yourself in a personal fantasy so that your unconsciousness is contained and relatively harmless. Life protects itself from itself. Life is evolving from unconsciousness to consciousness, and everything is in Divine Order.

Responsibility, dedication to responsibility, will result eventually with impeccability, this I sense, and this is a logical inevitability. More and more responsibility will be embodied, and a time will come, you will have totally surrendered to the will of God. Your actions will be completely aligned with God’s will. So, if you are 100% responsible, if you are impeccable, either you are in complete surrender, or your complete surrender is imminent.

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