Why Is Unconditional Love So Important When Helping/Relating With Other People

by | Nov 21, 2015 | Article

When you focus on Divine Love, this Love starts to purify you. It heals you. It helps you heal those energies that are stuck within you. By keeping your attention on Divine Love and staying as awareness, you give your Higher Self the permission to teach you with this Divine Love energy. You are given insight, your emotions are healed, and you transcend your dilemmas that you haven’t yet been able to. The energies that you didn’t know how to deal with, now you become more capable about them, you realize you have basically grown as a person because of this healing and growth process.

And the same mechanics of this growth that happens at the personal level are also operating in an interpersonal way, in relationships.

The Divine Love that purifies you inevitably stirs other people as they get in touch with you.

There is another important point here about personal growth through surrendering to God’s will, through staying in awareness while focusing on this Divine Love. When you don’t stay in awareness, when you stop focusing on the Divine Love and return almost all of your attention to your personal self, your deeper education by this Divine Love, your deeper healing process is put on hold. Now, you continue living your life at a more surface level, and the deeper energies that haven’t been made conscious within you , continue to operate under your conscious awareness throughout your life.

When you are in interaction with other people in relationships, if you embody this Divine Love, both you and the other person are affected by it. The healing process that happens on the personal level is related to your focus on this Divine Love and staying as awareness, but the other person is inevitably stirred as well, because they are choosing to share their reality with you.

This point is crucial. At this point, if you can embody Divine Love, if you can stay focused on it (The practice I will suggest is to stay focused on the Spiritual Heart), the other person will continue to be helped by your example. Your energy will be felt by them at some level, and it would be up to their choice to find/focus on the same energy within themselves or resist it and somehow retreat from this healing. This is a very similar process to meditation. You can also surrender to this Divine Love, or you can retreat from it, or resist the process and cause the inner healing to be postponed by returning your focus to the surface level, elsewhere.

If you aren’t embodying Divine Love or somehow stop embodying it during your encounter, the other person who is in present with you won’t be able to feel it from you, and if they are not aware of this Divine Love within themselves, they won’t be able to get into a deeper healing state, deeper emotions do not get stirred, or if they have already been stirred, the person won’t be able to undergo a deeper healing with these emotions, or at least you won’t be helping them on this.

So, to help other people most effectively, focusing on Divine Love through the Spiritual Heart and staying in awareness, which is an attitude of surrender, a gradually deepening surrender, is very important and crucial.

Now look at the events in the world, and you can imagine why there is so much apparent failure to understand each other and reconcile as human beings. The most important element is not fully embodied yet by many people. It is unconditional Love, Divine Love. But everyone is trying in their own way, some really really lost, some less, and some more aware that this Love is truly what the world needs for its healing. Of course, none of us are fully cut off from Divine Love, or no growth could happen in this planet, I sense even life would immediately cease to exist. It is just that we as a species are not yet fully aware of this Divine Love, so we aren’t fully focusing on it yet. But let’s increase our focus, it really helps.

One last thing is, every effort on your part however small or big somehow helps, either with deeper healing as explained in this article, or creating some activity on the surface level. But the deeper we focus on the real source of healing, the more effective our helping will be.

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