The Powerful Energy Of The Spiritual Heart

by | Nov 21, 2015 | Blog Post

Lately, in my life, I have been focusing on the Spiritual Heart on irregular times throughout the day, trying to somewhat maintain this focus and make it continuous.

I have become more and more aware that this has a powerful purifying effect in my life. I feel as if I am being purified from within. I have been discovering a deeper inner strength, more peace, as well as I have been uncovering and releasing many emotional energies, sometimes very strong.

As an example to these energies, in the later months, I have had very close encounters with a few people, and I have been the focus of their anger  and was threatened by them. I was in loving energy mostly when I was with these people, but I also had times when I wasn’t centered and living out my subconscious desires. So, I somehow triggered such emotions from these people. Then, as I focused on the Spiritual Heart, these energies played out, they were seeming to escalate in the beginning right after their triggering, I became aware of the importance on focusing on the Spiritual Heart, and the energies gradually calmed down and the crisis like situations went into the path of resolution. In one case, it was very intense and the resolution of the threatening was almost immediate as I was already centered on the Spiritual Heart, and it was as if the other person was going through some important healing/discharge of energies. In the other case, the resolution came after a few hours, but in this case, when the trigger was created, I was not very centered, I was vaguely maintaining my centeredness, but my focus was also wandering and ejaculating egoic energies. So, unexpectedly for me at the time, the other person was triggered into anger, and later, threatened me. And later, we reconciled. These all happened within the span of 2-3 hours, and the path of resolution was activated when I started my focus on Divine Love, began to surrender. I am perfectly sure that, my surrender to God and keeping my attention on the Spiritual Heart purified this karma and removed the element of urgency and danger from it.

When you focus on God through the Spiritual Heart, the powerful energy of Divine Love flows within you from this center. This Love is simply.. powerful and transformative. And of course.. supremely intelligent.

Nowadays, I am learning to trust this Love and be dedicated to be focused on it throughout the day. Great energy is coming from God, but it also requires responsibility and surrender. The lessons come as the will of God plays out.

This Love also gives me a sense of personal power that I am aware that is completely dependent on God, in fact, it is one with God. And as I become more mature, I am able to help people in various ways. Sometimes directly, and I feel sometimes indirectly, sometimes without directly desiring to help the other person, but witnessing the transformative powers and effects of Divine Love on both our persons nonetheless.

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