Stop Bullshitting Yourselves and Awaken Totally!

by | Jul 9, 2015 | Blog Post

Until you are fully awakened, you will share the responsibility of all the suffering in the world, because all the suffering it in the world is caused by beings who are not awakened and a sleepwalker among sleepwalkers just adds to their illusion, supporting them to believe it is all right to pretend everything is all right while in their ignorance they continue creating suffering.

Until every being is awakened in this world, somewhere, somebody will keep suffering, somewhere somebody will keep hurting others. You are responsible my friend, even though you don’t have direct control over what happens in the world. You are responsible for your awakening, and until then, you will be contributing your share to the sufferings of the world.

One Jesus permanently marked the world with Love. One Buddha gave such a timeless message of awakening that it will never be forgotten. One Mohammad said God is One and billions at least will remember that message even though most misunderstand the real meaning. Jesus is misunderstood, Buddha is misunderstood, Mohammad is misunderstood. Because the people are misunderstanding. And until they truly understand, they are responsible. These prophets were man like us. But they were those who truly understood what responsibility means.

Do you want peace? Do you want democracy? Do you want abundance? Do you want Love? Do you really want suffering to end in this world? Really really want it? Then stop deceiving yourselves and awaken yourself completely! This message is for me also!

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