Time to Share – Hell’s Exit Door

by | Jul 5, 2015 | Blog Post (Translated from Turkish)

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It’s evening. I cooked food for the animals this morning, tidied up the house a bit. I think my tidying up the house is a long-term project. What a mess. Tidying up never ends. If I tidy up a little bit every day, it’ll probably be done eventually. But I want to do it every other day. The kitten is biting my fingers right now. It’s an interesting experience to be bitten every now and then while writing.

I went to the field and fed the animals, on my way back I visited some acquaintances and chatted with them. I went with the intention of focusing on my heart and sharing love. They walked me to the door and said goodbye with a smile. On the way, a man greeted me out of nowhere and said something like God’s love or salam, even if we don’t know him, and I hugged him. I was walking in a Roma neighborhood and just before, the residents said, “Are you that one?” referring to someone I didn’t know. I greeted them with a smiling face and I felt very good and headed home.

I chatted with a few more people. People are really looking for love. I can see that. But everyone is looking for love in their own imaginary world, so you need to speak to people in their imaginary language so that they can understand you… in short, you need to love them as they are.

I came home… I fed my kitten… the cat kisses me on the lips and bites my lip 🙂 and he is so fussy… yes I have to give milk now. I gave him milk and left it on the litter to teach him how to use the litter box. He’ll be with me soon.

A friend wrote on his wall on Facebook. ‘Are you following your true calling?’

What is my true calling, the meaning/purpose of my life… or the call of my heart? You can’t put it into words… but I think that when my life itself is over, my heart’s calling will actually be fulfilled. So the purpose of my life is actually my life itself, and I’m realizing it right now. In a way, I’m creating my life from another dimension, with the power I get from God, and at the same time as I’m creating, I’m living my life.

So what is the purpose of my life now? You can only understand it if you look at my life moment by moment. So I realize the purpose of my life by living my life. Now how will others understand this? When they read this article, they will see a window into my consciousness. And they will look for the reflection in themselves. I am not writing about my character… I am writing so that they can see their own souls, their own essence in me. Because your essence and mine are the same, brothers and sisters… We are the same in essence. I know, I feel that if you live your essence, you will remind others of it.

So… when I was thinking about what to do, I decided to write this article.

Now let’s take a break. Let’s play on the computer for a while. Let’s eat some chocolate. Let’s take the yogurt we made and give it to an uncle. Let’s be ourselves.

(I’ll warn you, I’m going off the deep end. I just felt like it.

Whatever you are, come again. Don’t ever forget that. God’s love is for everyone.

Yes, I remember now. It crossed my mind today.

I’ll add it at the end of the article.

Hell has a secret exit door. This door is known to those in heaven. Because before entering heaven, they have searched and found out what this door is, inside hell. If you feel like you are in hell, open your eyes wide and look for the exit door. But open them both ways, not only outwards, but inwards.

As long as there is God’s love, there will always be a way out of hell. Those who want to open their eyes and see can even get out of hell.

That is why unbelievers can spend eternity in hell. Because to not believe is to believe that God’s love is not there, and God’s love is the way out of hell. But of course no one will spend eternity in hell. Because God’s love is stronger than the unbelief of souls. The sun cannot be muddied. And everyone will eventually return to God. For the deepest desire of even the most unbelieving soul is to know God, to find him, to be united with him, and this is a greater desire than unbelief.

And what is unbelief? Actually, it is a belief. It’s being caught up in the beauty of God’s creation, finding it beautiful, clinging to it… and over time coming to think that it is the only reality and being temporarily stuck in that reality…

But it’s all part of the divine order. All of it, all of it.

Even in hell, peace can be reached in one step, one sharp step, because underneath everything, behind everything, around everything is God. You run to him and he runs to you. Because actually you are one with him. Is it possible to be separate?

If you really want to walk to God, then God wants to walk to you. So no one can stop that. So what is the obstacle to wanting? Do you think that obstacle can stop you if you really want it?

Love to you.

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