Freedom! – How to Free Oneself from the System and Sow the Seeds of Leaving a Beautiful World for the Future?

by | Jul 13, 2015 | Blog Post (Translated from Turkish)

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Freedom! said Mel Gibson, who played William Wallace, at the end of the movie Braveheart.

I sat down to write this at 1:23 a.m. My mind is quite clear. I have been quite emotionally volatile this week. I was a bit depressed when I read that a very large thermal power plant was planned to be built near Lapseki.

I was very upset, thinking that I hadn’t woken myself up enough, that I hadn’t tried hard enough, that I had finally been caught up in one of the ignorant things that humanity does in its sleep, and that the paradise nature here would be spoiled.

I came to the conclusion that the thing to do was not to fight directly against the establishment of this thermal power plant, but to make an effort for a deeper, deeper awakening and to do whatever could be done at that time.

I ate a lot of chocolate and played on the computer, I think to drown my sorrow. I lost some energy, I thought about how to stop the downward spiral. What can one do?

Of course he has to do the best thing he can, the best thing he knows how to do. The best thing I know is to focus on inner freedom, on happiness, on love. Focusing on being one with God directly. That helps me to find peace.

I am not writing this article in a didactic language in a planned way, but my intention is to share an impromptu sharing of the light of liberation from the system that I can see in me today.

Yes… this is what bothers me:

Let’s say you make money when you do a job. What you have to do, by law, is to register with the tax office and when you do that, you are automatically insured and you have to have an accountant. You have a minimum expense of 550 TL a month, whether you make money or not. This is the situation for the self-employed.

So the state takes money from you by force, whether you volunteer or not. Then they spend this money in line with whatever the prevailing mentality is, whether you consent or not. In other words, part of your earnings is spent by the decisions made by others in the system, whether you volunteer or not. And here’s the real problem:

You need to earn a minimum amount of money to survive, because you need to buy food, you need shelter, you need heat. You may need to travel, you need to dress. You need money for all these things. And in order to earn money, you have to earn money within the framework of the laws defined by others, whether you volunteer or not, and this is how the standard person lives in the current system.

This seems very wrong to me. Because people submit to a system that they don’t volunteer for and they compromise themselves in order to survive. In this way the system survives, some people benefit more from the survival of the system, for example in the capitalist system, the rich people have the capital and they use it as a means of control over people. Others benefit less, that is, they are dependent on the system, they are subjugated to it, they earn a living and live in a system of necessity.

When I founded a company in this system, I got sick dealing with all this bureaucracy. While I was trying to show my creativity, all my efforts went to dealing with these tax, magazine, accounting works produced by the system. Staff salaries, etc., the stress of payments and not being able to pay them when the payments I expected were delayed… So this was life now? I fell out with people I couldn’t pay… Whereas in a system where there is a heart, would people hurt each other like this? But half-heartedness was embedded in the foundations of the system.

I became ill, I needed to find an alternative, but my emotional strength was exhausted. With the support of my relatives, I was able to stand up and look for solutions to all this.

Now, years later, even though I still haven’t developed a 100% solution, I think I am making progress.

Today, let me present a glimpse of the light of solution I feel.

I think that if a person draws his strength from God and does not do things that he does not volunteer for, he can quickly become free from the system and can be a liberating example to everyone.

How? When I live voluntarily now, first of all, I can be very peaceful, I can exist on my own as I am, I don’t feel the need to prove myself to anybody. Living wholeheartedly is in a way surrendering to the will of God, so in a way our heart is the voice of God within us, and we are not separate from God. We are actually one with him.

Today I had this feeling of peace again, and as I was walking on the beach I had this conviction that this could actually happen. I felt that if I just focused on this, I would feel very little or no hunger at all. I know that there are people in the world who have taken eating and drinking out of necessity in this way. So it’s such a freedom that even if you’re not hungry, God’s love is feeding you. Of course, if you believe it in your heart, if you start to feel it in your bones, this level starts to open up. But it is possible. Okay, let’s say we have taken care of eating and drinking. What else can we do?

I mean, I actually want to submit, not to do anything you don’t volunteer for. I want freedom.

I’m not against money, but I’m against complying with the compulsory impositions imposed on me when I earn money. I want to live voluntarily, please let them off my back, or I will shake them off without forcing anyone.

How can this be done? The first step would be to transcend your physical bodily needs. Focusing directly on God’s love and making eating and drinking a choice, a need born out of lack, not an obligation.

That leaves housing. I pay rent now, but I could live in a tent in nature. If I don’t earn any money, this could be done… This is an extreme example.

Heating? There’s a guy called Wim Hof. They climb snowy, icy mountains in shorts. They’ve learned to use the same inner strength to overcome the cold. I don’t know how to do it yet, but in this way you can overcome the need for warmth.

Clothing? You need some money for that. Yes, you need some money in any case. You can go out in public dressed in grass, but that doesn’t suit me.

Of course, I’ve talked about an extreme approach so far, without going that far… For example, a system like the house below could be set up:

Fruit trees can be planted in the field and a fruitarian life can be established. But this system requires some money up front. And to earn that money, one would first have to reluctantly submit to the tax and taxation system. Let’s grow fruit trees from seed. Again, we need land. That requires money.

The direct solution to this is to become a priest. Trusting directly in God and being open to him leading you through all these difficulties. Then it doesn’t matter where the money comes from. But I still don’t want to do anything half-heartedly, so I came to Lapseki, away from everything. I still get money from my family, but they give me volunteers.

What I am trying to do is to leave a system for the future where people are free and to avoid giving energy to a system that forces people to do things involuntarily.

Of course I have addictions. I have habits. But the more I live voluntarily, the more the old addictions suddenly become less effective. I know the technical explanation of why this happens:

If you focus on the energy of love, the mind becomes quiet because it has found what it is looking for, what it is really looking for. The desires of the ego become quiet, or even if they become agitated, that is a temporary experience during your purification. But the mind becomes still when it is focused on love. This allows all attachments to become less effective and to be released from their enslaving influence on you at a rate that depends on the intensity of your focus on love. So directly God liberates you.

So actually the most appropriate way for my character to be liberated is to focus on the Spiritual Heart right now, that is, to focus as much as possible on our deepest connection with Source, so that our connection with the Higher Consciousness, the universal mind created by God that directs the created universe, is strengthened, so that we can better comprehend the direction of this mind, and live with the will of God as much as our level allows, without feeling any contradiction… This is freedom. As you choose this path with your free will, you realize that you are actually a creator in creation, one with God. We see that we give shape to the creative energy that God gives, and together with it, of course, we create a reality with God as the Source.

I might say that I am flying now in this article. But actually my feet are on the ground. The point is actually this. I’m trying to share about how to be free from the collective ego, the collective self, which humanity has inherited and bequeathed to the next generations, that is, this system, which some call the system, some call the Matrix, to which most people are subject to, and how to live the way our own hearts want, that is, the way we really desire.

So how do we do it? First of all, by making the utmost effort to act according to the guidance of your own heart, to live in the way that you feel is the most true, the most deeply true. When I talk about God, I feel God’s divine love better in my heart in the Spiritual Heart, that spiritual As time passes, this creates in me a centered, grounded, intuitive, grounded self-confidence, and this is the state of freedom.

Don’t I falter? Not like that. Of course I falter. There are times when I lose control. For example, once I start, I can’t stop until I finish a whole pack of Çokoprens. Or sometimes my sexual energy is too much, I can’t keep this energy that fills up in my body for a long time, I need to discharge. This happens when I lose my spiritual center. Sometimes I give myself to computer games. There are times when I want to go into unconscious sleep to live unconsciously. But I know why. It’s because I stop focusing on the center, I stop focusing on God and I want these worldly desires more than Him. So these are kind of idols.

But these are very natural human things. There is no human being who has not worshipped an idol. Because idol is actually focusing on the creation and forgetting the creator. Whether it is momentary or periodic. Money can be an idol, power can be an idol, women can be an idol, even chocolate can be an idol. When you forget the Creator and focus on satisfying your ego, that is idolatry. And every human falls into this mistake. Until the time of attainment, until the time of the miracle, that is, until the time of full integration with God, man will go through the path of purification to get rid of his idols, that is, his subconscious desires that he values more than God. This is due to the fact that we carry within us the very reason why Adam was expelled from Paradise. Believing in the illusion that we exist apart from God.

The way to fully dispel this illusion is to want God, and to focus on God. Call it God, call it love, call it whatever you want. Until we find that, everyone will go their own way, through their own karma, through their own destiny. But the choice is actually made by the Spirit every moment as we surrender to God. We draw our destiny with God’s permission within the universal rules.

Yes, Freedom! For this, walk with all your strength, with all the courage you can muster on the right path that you feel is the right path. And when you falter, forgive yourself and get up and keep walking. Remember that you are actually perfect, because God is creating you every moment. Even your mistakes are perfect. But I don’t see it in my own mistakes right now, but God created us with the potential to make mistakes, even our mistakes become experiences for us, and in the end there is nothing but God to discover. Creation is part of God, but without Creation there is God. So… surrender to God is the shortest way to unconditional freedom.

What we were and where we are and the system and so on… yes, we came from there to God, because in the end we will all be returned to him. Isn’t it best to live aware of this from the beginning or from where we are?

Forgive my spelling mistakes, I will correct them sometime. Love to you. PS: There were only a few, I read and corrected them later. The article is very close to the original, I will leave it like this.

PS: Take a look at the scene where Leonidas does not kneel to Xerxes 🙂 It just came to my mind 🙂


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