How can I be able to get a partner if I’m so ugly?

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Question & Answer

Your looks may be defined as ugly for many people in this world. But whether your looks deserve love or not is completely subjective. You can love yourself even though you look ugly for some people just as another person can love you even though you look ugly according to some. Love is beyond the judgments in the mind. In the depth of our hearts is unconditional love and it is truly for everything because everything is created by God. How can you allow another person to love you if you don’t love yourself as you are? First it needs to start with you being open to the possibility that you are lovable, first you need to start loving yourself, ready to let go of the belief that your looks is not lovable. Then you can allow such people who would love you to be in your experience. Life reflects back to us our inner world, so truly start to love yourself as you are, and life will start reflecting this back to you. You can do this because love already exists within you. As long as you carry the belief that you are not lovable as you are, you will experience a corresponding reality. Start loving yourself as you are, and this belief will be released as you begin to create new experiences loving yourself. Life will show you yourself being loved if you truly love yourself.

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