Why do we hate people but at the same time can’t live without them?

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Question & Answer

Ultimately, everything in the universe is a part of you. If you are hating anything, you are hating a part of you. To be able to hate anything, you need to have a mental construct within yourself that says you are separate from that thing and that thing is bad, wrong, unlovable. But in truth, you are not separate from them, they exist and thus inevitably keep up showing in your experience. It is impossible to be truly separate from anything, all is interconnected and everything affects everything else. Your actions affect everything else and the results inevitably return to you as your experience. One part of you always knows this, and wants you to awaken to this truth of oneness. It is not our highest good to hate a part of ourselves forever, because when we hate we push away so we can’t understand, we remain in ignorance and from ignorance we can’t create the most beneficial actions for all parts of ourselves. Then the results of our ignorance happen in our experience and we have the opportunity to awaken more and act with more wisdom. When you hate someone, you are also pushing away a part of yourself, maintaining a feeling of incompleteness.. and you will have the desire to feel complete, because originally you are whole and complete, so you will be drawn to whatever you are pushing away in order for you to have the opportunity to love them and feel whole and complete again. Love yourself, your mind, body, emotions and everything as parts of yourself and you will gradually realize this oneness, learn to transcend suffering and increase your happiness.

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