I am destroying myself. How can I stop?

by | Mar 10, 2017 | Question & Answer

Question Details:

-something bad happened to me 8 months ago

-gained 15 kgs since then

-developed a habit of binge eating, cant stop, use eating as a distraction

-low self esteem

-doubting my religion, not doing anything throughout the day

-not studying, failing the year, exams are coming up and i dont know anything

You need a professional/advanced person to communicate with you, listen to you, understand your problems more, help you understand yourself more, to assist you in reaching a greater awareness of your situation, teach you how to do this, as a result facilitate an increase in your own understanding, and a greater natural realized capacity (wisdom, energy) to solve your problems. I think this would be a good solution because even though you have summarized your problems with a number of sentences, this alone is not enough to give you advice that is suitable for your personality that would fully guide you to fix all of your problems. Your personality is also important in creating guidance for you because a person who would give you advice should understand more about you before giving specific advice. Seek such people, work with them, actually practice their advice and objectively observe your situation to determine whether their advice helped you or not. If not, change the person&source from whom you get advice from and repeat until you discover&develop your own capacity to approach and solve your problems sufficiently. There are people with enough mastery that can help a person with similar problems in this world.. find someone that suits you.

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