How Do I Stay Focused, Motivated, and Enthusiastic When Depression and Anxiety Keep Coming Back Whenever I Don’t Do Something Actively?

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Question & Answer

You need to find the causes of your depression/anxiety and heal. Most humans carry many inner traumas and need to undergo mental/emotional/physical healing to release these.

When a person goes through mental/emotional/physical purification, their creative energy can flow more and more easily due to obstructions being removed (healing). They also become more aware of their inner dynamics and become more capable creative beings. Their ability to focus, to be motivated from within and enjoyment of life increases.

We are usually conditioned to distract ourselves or go for some pursuits rather than stay present with both the inner and the outer world. This gives us a tendency to limit ourselves by only focusing on the surface level of our minds, or to chase physical action as a means of distracting ourselves from our pain.

It is possible to effectively educate ourselves, to heal ourselves and to become more and more free of our limitations. If we can focus on this and proceed with correct knowledge and sincere effort, we can grow with much less struggle. Here is a great resource to start this process:

Don’t run from your emotions, heal them and grow!

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