How do you deal with living with judgmental people (only 2 more months)?

by | Mar 11, 2017 | Question & Answer

The answer I will write is intended to facilitate a step towards the direction you desire, not explain all the steps you will take to get there, because you will need to live your life and face your unique circumstances as these steps are revealed. I would need to be in close communication with you continuously to be able to do such a thing.

But, you yourself have inner guidance within yourself. Some call this the heart. Some say follow your heart. What I write is partly intended to help you become aware of this inner guidance that you have, the innate ability to develop your understanding of life with first hand experience and the innate ability to Love yourself unconditionally.

Also look closely, can other people make us feel ashamed or guilty if we are truly aware that we are in tune with our truth? If we love ourselves unconditionally, if we see that we are doing what we can in the moment, we can understand we don’t need to feel shame or guilt about being as we are. Love yourself, give yourself the space you need. Don’t take their judgments about you as truth that has power over you, find the deeper truth by being true to yourself, being honest with yourself. The more you believe what they say about you, the more your power will fuel their judgments about you in your mind and the more you will feel guilty and ashamed. The more you honor your own inner knowing and love yourself unconditionally, the less power will go to these judgments that are arising in your experience and they will affect you less and less. Keep loving yourself moment to moment and this will happen more and more. Be ready for becoming aware of inner blocks in yourself, for discovering that you yourself unknowingly were giving your power away to many judgments within your mind, and stay true to unconditionally loving yourself while these are being revealed to you as insights. This way you will gradually be wiser and stronger on your feet, less affected by what other people think of you. Sometimes strong lessons will come to your experience, revealing to you blocks that when transcended, will be for your highest good. Again keep staying true, and know that lessons will come in many shapes and forms. Strong emotions can arise when they are triggered. All needs to be unconditionally loved while staying as awareness (being aware of what is going on, in acceptance) for the quickest change to occur.

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