How can I like myself?

by | Mar 11, 2017 | Question & Answer

To define Love in words exhaustively is impossible. We all have unique personalities, and at any certain moment, Love will mean something different to each person. But, when we go beyond our minds, and feel the energy of Love directly, it is the same experience. You are asking how you can love yourself. If you keep seeking the answer only in your mind or in mental concepts, it is an endless quest, because the source of Love is deeper than the mind. I wrote the previous sentence because I want you to become aware of the nature of Love, which only you can do, by directing your awareness to the depth of yourself, deeper than the mind. Some call this the heart, or the Spiritual Heart. When you are focusing on/putting your attention directly the energy of Love, and staying as awareness, being aware of whatever is happening in your experience, then you are loving yourself. The energy of Love can be most strongly felt in the area of the center of our chest, and when we bring a part of our attention to here, just like we bring our attention to the screen when we view it, our awareness of this Love starts to increase.

Now I explained these concepts, but from the short sentence you wrote, I can’t understand fully if these concepts would appeal to you or not. So, I would say, how would you really allow yourself to be as you are? Really, see yourself with all your perceived faults and allow them to be as they are while you are aware of them? I am not your heart, but you have access to your heart fully. What would you do with your free will if you really loved yourself in this moment? Begin with that. Start doing that. And you will be creating new experiences of loving yourself. And you will begin to know more about what Love is. Basically Love teaches Love. Being in Love while staying aware moment to moment teaches what Being in Love is. Our understanding of Love increases when we keep Loving ourselves, and it really is an infinitely expandable (with the possibility of infinite expansion) experience. With our understanding evolving in that direction, we find that our perception of the world has also changed with more Love in our experience.

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