How do I stop laziness from ruining my life?

by | Mar 12, 2017 | Question & Answer

Learn meditation AND practice it on a persistent basis (start with short times like 5 minutes, then increase to 20 mins daily initially).

A regular practice of meditation will gradually teach you and bring you to a state of calm, peaceful, relaxed awareness from where you can increasingly more clearly see what you truly want to create in your life and a freedom from distracting thoughts/a clarity of mind/emotions and a calmness of body to live your life from.

In addition to this, meditation will teach you your natural state of awareness, from where you can naturally gain insight about everything in life, including your personality. As your understanding about yourself and the world increases, you can act with knowledge and be effective in creating results. Conceptual information is not enough and is not complete wisdom. Understanding through awareness, through first hand experience is needed to integrate the knowledge into yourself. Then, you can use this knowledge naturally to create change, like when you learned as a baby to use your fingers through practice and awareness of your body. Likewise, we have many parts in ourselves, in our minds and emotions that we have not put our awareness on yet, and these remain outside our knowledge, operating subconsciously. These must be made conscious for us to be able to direct them effectively.

Many people call different things as meditation, so learning from a correct source is very important. Start with reading these 2 articles below for meditation, and start practicing. Only with practice you will be able to truly understand what I wrote in this answer.

What is meditation? How to practice meditation.

Types of Higher Self Meditation Practices

It might be difficult for some to accept that who they think they are is not in control of their life. Most people think that they are the thought construct in their minds, however the truth is that we are the awareness and not the content of our mind. So, there will be a natural identity shift based on actual experience of truth when you continue to meditate, but this is the only way towards self mastery, the first hand experience of truth through awareness. This requires dedicated practice and the importance of dedication is understood as we keep practicing and as we slack off and fail to see the results that we truly desire. So, your own experience, your honesty with yourself, your objective observation will eventually teach you what you truly seek if you keep honoring them.

Update: The practice of meditation (as explained in the articles I provided links for) also will in due time make us aware of a deeper energy most call Unconditional Love. As we learn to focus on this energy as our meditation, and stay as awareness, this energy will flow into us with more intensity, the mental/emotional blocks inside us will be revealed to us, and as they are released, we will be able to contain more energy, and gain more understanding about how our mind works in relation to this energy. Sometimes laziness is a result of the lack of energy, or spending the majority of our energy to activities that don’t matter to us that much, and having less energy available for what matters to us most. It is a kind of getting buried under mental noise that leads to a noise of habit, activities that are like noise in comparison to what our heart really desires. We learn to withdraw our energy from such activities as we become aware that they no longer serve us in our life, and this is achieved faster through the increased awareness (more of our life spent in the state of awareness) and life energy cultivated through meditation.

So, in essence, a sustained meditation practice (of one or more of the meditations in the links I provided) & (meditations must be selected according to your level, read the articles carefully, and consult an expert if necessary, and ideally listen intently to your inner knowing after learning the conceptual info) will lead to accelerated growth that will align you more and more with the achievement of what you truly desire. This should also prevent laziness from ruining your life, which is from a point of view remaining mostly stuck in what you don’t truly want and not being able to achieve what you truly desire.

Update 2: The judgments in our minds that say we don’t deserve Love are a great sap of our energy. Many cultures teach us that when we don’t conform to a certain notion of activity, a certain notion of productivity and work, we are lazy and we are worthless. We may be lazy according to that culture yes, but if we believe that we are worthless, if we believe that we are not worthy of Love, if we feel shamed or guilty, this will place a huge damper on our energy whenever we see that we don’t conform to our culture’s norm. This might create a vicious cycle of feeling down and not being able to work and seeing ourselves not being able to conform and this in turn leading to more self judgment and constriction of the flow of Love within ourselves, leading to decreased energy. The starting point of recovery is Self Love. Learning Self Love, through Self Love. This answer contains links to the meditations that teach about how to discover the flow of Love within us. Whether you go into them or not, Love is an innate part of you, within you. Discover it, focus on it, and you will immediately start to access greater energy. There is more to discover however, because how you spend this energy is also important. Living as awareness, something that we learn through meditation practice will teach us this. Energy, and wisdom of how we are already using this energy, and inner guidance from our heart of what we truly desire to create. All the necessary components of creating a wonderful life.

A note about the writings in this site: I recommend you check these two articles (article 1) (article 2) about the writings on this site if you haven’t already.