How do you deal with people around you who want to suppress your personal development?

by | Apr 15, 2017 | Question & Answer

Accept them as they are and find a way to express myself being true to myself.

When you accept them as they are, and express yourself being true to yourself, you will be also adjusting your expression to be in harmony with them.

True personal development happens when you love yourself and the world as it is. External expressions can be suppressed sometimes, but this expression of Love can never be suppressed.

It is not healthy behavior to forcefully make ourselves accepted in this world. This is not different behavior from those people who try to suppress us. If you want suppression to disappear from this world, start accepting people as they are, loving them as they are, even though they are doing wrong. This doesn’t mean submitting to their desires. This means accepting the reality of their inclination, their perception. Then, you can navigate around and through this, while being aware of what you truly want also.

Also be honest with yourself and what you truly want. This Love I am talking about is both for you and the people around you.

By creating experiences with this Love, you will be growing, you will be developing as a person. While you can’t directly change people around you, they will be aware of the changes in you, and because you are bringing Love into this world, you will be showing this to them also, reaching out to their hearts. This is what everyone is seeking deep inside..

Many strong experiences can come up into your life while doing this.. but all will be for the better if your focus on unconditional Love is genuine.. This is true personal development.. will set you free.. because it breaks down naturally what keeps this Love stuck inside, what stops happiness coming into your life.

Personal development is not creating a clockwork reality where everything is controlled by a thought system. It is discovering our total freedom of creativity, ultimately free from everything in creation. Therefore, the path of Love is a path of breaking free of limitations (through realization) within us. Can other people truly limit us or suppress us? Discover this Unconditional Love that can never be limited or suppressed. One can turn their back on it but one can never destroy the Love in another person’s experience.

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