How do I get rid of toxic people in my life?

by | Mar 10, 2017 | Question & Answer

You can’t always control which people will enter your life or exit, especially when you have subconscious patterns that are pulling you into situations that you interact with such people. Sometimes life puts us in situations where we need to get some lessons via such people. However, if you truly do not want to be in the same environment with some people, you can consciously remove yourself from the environment. Create new habits, choose new environments that you are not with these people. If they keep showing up, examine yourself deeply and very honestly, is there something you are doing that are bringing these people into your life that you don’t want to be doing? Direct your awareness to your mind, emotions and physical environment to develop your understanding. If you find responsibility in yourself, act accordingly. If there really is not anything about you that you wish to change, accept their existence and learn to be centered with these people around you. It is also important to develop our understanding to a point so that we can be at peace even with such people around. Sometimes the lesson is in acceptance, to be able to stay peaceful even with such people around, to find deeper love, unconditional love within ourselves so that we can be much more free internally even though people who have toxicity within their mind and emotions exist in this world that we all share. Each person has a different path that suits themselves towards finding this inner peace and love, be true to yourself and advance in your own path. As you develop the peace and find the love that I speak of, your experiences with these people around will be positively affected too.

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