What are the best tricks to keep yourself motivated?

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Question & Answer

Stop searching for motivation. Searching implies that you think/believe it is somewhere else. Non-searching is the state of motivation. Motivation is within you, not somewhere else, it is one with you. So how will you ever find it if you keep believing it is somewhere out there to be found (the word trick and your sentence implies this belief..)

Non-searching is the answer for you. And do not externalize even this answer. Let it help you drop the need for all answers.

Update: I know this answer might sound a bit cryptic. But look again.. I won’t change it in anyway, but will just clarify it a little bit more in this extension. “Let it help you drop the need for all answers.” – Can you see that that sentence is the definition of motivation?- The state where you don’t need any more for something external to give you impetus? (And look at this sentence: “And do not externalize even this answer.” which tries to help you realize it is not something external to you) .. The whole point of all tricks that you may ever try, all the great tricks.. their whole point is to trick you, to convince you, to make you understand that it is essential.. to turn your attention to yourself, to within yourself.. not to the surface of your mind.. not to the answers you have accumulated and accumulated. No.. to the actual you.. the real you.. not the illusory dream that you think that you are.. So.. will you actually look? Actually be aware?

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