How do I stop thinking dirty?

by | May 17, 2017 | Question & Answer

The more you correctly meditate, the more you will experience a purity of mind.

When our mind is conditioned to seek happiness outside of itself, our sexual energy is subconsciously channeled towards objects in the world.

When we learn/discover the unconditional love energy within our hearts through meditation and spiritual growth, and learn to stay focused on this unconditional life force energy that is flowing into us, the content of our minds will begin to be transformed.

When we stay focused on the unconditional love within and live our lives as awareness, the mind starts to be reprogrammed. The understanding begins to dawn upon us that the happiness we seek outside ourselves in the world/in objects is actually coming from within us. As this happens, the patterns in our mind about seeking happiness outside of ourselves begin to dissolve as we genuinely understand them from the perspective of experiencing unconditional love coming from our hearts.

When we advance in this purification process of transformation through self love, through giving ourselves the experience of unconditional love, our sexual energy is more and more channeled to our spiritual growth and less and less towards happiness seeking from outside ourselves. This is how ‘dirty’ thinking stops. Not forcefully, not by judging ourselves that we have these thoughts, but through genuine spiritual growth and purification; through experiencing unconditional love and understanding the patterns in our mind that no longer serve us and letting go of them.

These videos will help about understanding some crucial aspects of this purification and self discovery process:

Remember that this process takes some time, and patience; a sincere desire to know yourself, to be free of these patterns that no longer serve you and to experience truth. The more you sincerely work towards this, the more you will progress and there is no short cut to this, only your genuine desire and focus will transform you.

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