What is the Best Practical Test to Give Students After Delivering a Training on Self-Motivation?

by | Sep 23, 2017 | Question & Answer

Love them unconditionally. This is the greatest test. This is such a test that, it will show them a mirror of their highest potential, but leave them free to choose their approach also. It is impossible to fail in this test, because this test is so nurturing that, no matter what the student does, they are supported. This test believes in the student from the beginning, to such a degree that, it is known that this student has already succeeded in the test, no matter how long it takes. It trusts that the student is already doing their best, so will never judge the student to have failed. Every mistake in reaching any goals will be considered a step forward, a learning experience, an increase in the student’s knowledge and experience.

This test cannot be defined in concrete terms, but can be discovered by any teacher or parent, because unconditional love is an inherent energy in all of us.

I had created a few relevant answers on what motivation is, and they can also help with teaching motivation. But ultimately, I sincerely believe that all of us are perfectly capable of evolving towards greater and greater knowledge, and we can create our own ways.. I am sharing my point of view based on what I have learned and experienced until now:

What are the best tricks to keep yourself motivated?

How does one stay motivated when there’s no hope?

What does motivation look like?

The more we discover unconditional love, the more we can embody it/the more we can be it and the deeper we can participate in the awakening of the entire universe. Embodying motivation and teaching it can be said to be the same thing; we are all connected, we are all One ultimately. You will be able to directly understand/sense to what degree a student embodies motivation to the degree you embody motivation and to the degree you have developed a sense of oneness, a state of experiencing yourself as the awareness that you ultimately are.

You can also devise tests based on your experience and understanding of motivation. You can begin from where you are at, and continue to evolve towards greater understanding as you gain experience and learn to look within for insights. Trust that your own experience and inner guidance can be your greatest teacher. You have all that you need within you.. and isn’t trusting this also a great way of affirming/uncovering motivation in both yourself and your students?

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