What Does Motivation Look Like?

by | Sep 23, 2017 | Question & Answer

Motivation is an experience. It is a state of ‘experiencing’.

It is being alive. Being conscious. Being present. It is when you are here and now, when your attention is in the moment, when you are living life as fully as possible.

When your attention is primarily in the past or the future, which are only thought structures in the mind, you are living in a smaller part of yourself.

For me, motivation is living as awareness in this moment with my attention on unconditional love. This is experiencing as fully as possible the life force energy which is unconditional love.

Motivation is not an image, a scenery, an imagination in the mind but images, sceneries, imaginations can remind us of/or point us towards the ‘motivation state’. The ‘motivation state’ is a state of being alive, energized, and working on your heart’s desires. The unmotivated state is a state where the attention is stuck on and we are identified with a content in the mind that is limiting. There is not much change or growth being experienced, there is a quality of dullness/stuckness.

You are trying to understand what motivation is by trying to imagine it or get a description from another person so that you can imagine it. This is a starting point. Understand that you must discover the experience of motivation to truly understand what motivation is. The energy of life, the energy of unconditional love already exists within you, so you must learn to focus on this energy and experience it in the moment so that your mind can create a more evolved understanding of what this experience is.

Just like an artisan who has experienced long periods of exercise with his craft, and has come to a great clarity about it, the more you experience this energy, the more you will be clear about what it is. It won’t be just an imagination, it will be a sense, a feeling, and more than that; a knowing.

We imagine fantasies when we haven’t had the real experience of motivation/happiness. Fantasy is our mind’s expression of its desire to reach the actual experience.

If you learn to meditate correctly, and practice it as best as you can, you can discover this experience I am talking of, which will satisfy your mind’s seeking.

Here is an excellent article that teaches this. It contains all the essential information that a beginner might need.

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