What is the most effective way to help billions of people be kinder and a little more caring?

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Question & Answer

Do your absolute best your entire life to embody these qualities. Sincere effort based on sincere desire become teachings for the person leading to enlightenment. Since there is no separation, and everything is interconnected, your efforts and awakening will have effected the entire world no matter how difficult it is to see it this way. It is possible to inspire people, create movements, and these movements in turn can affect huge numbers of people. I am not speaking about a top down political movement here. I am speaking about leading by example, showing what is truly good and beneficial to others so that they can at least see that this is possible. The most important thing is your continued sincerity.

There are examples in history of such men who have visibly influenced billions of people in the world. But this can’t be done out of selfish motives. Selfishness can only be an example for selfishness..

When I further think of it within myself.. every act of bringing Love into this world is indeed helping everyone else in this world. Because eventually it reaches everyone who keep getting born into this world. If your efforts to enlighten the world have only visible effects locally, it doesn’t mean the effects are lost, they can’t be, because your local society will interact throughout their lifetime with the neighboring societies, and your energy will be carried forward eventually to the farthest places of the world and even the universe. So, don’t worry about how quickly it will happen, just work on it your entire life, and you will have already created the change in the world you wish to see. It is not about being famous personally, it is about the actual energy that you are bringing whether people praise you personally and raise you to a pedestal or not.

If there is an understanding about kindness and caring in the world already, it is the sum of all the efforts of all humanity (and all other beings) up to this moment, however small each individual effort contributed.

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