As a mental health advocate on Quora, are you risking your job or career by writing publically about your own mental illness, or do you not have a job or career left to lose? How does it feel?

by | Oct 13, 2019 | Question & Answer

If your job is endangered by sharing truth about any mental illness you may have had, then that job is not worth having. So, your boss would fire you if he knew you were ill mentally and you would keep working under his leadership? How healthy would it be for you? In this world, it would be a blatant lie to tell if you had no mental/emotional challenges. Look at it.. apart from a few truly advanced people, who is truly grounded? And including the advanced people, who can know it all? Everything is in a state of change.. and there is much suffering in the world, and one as a person, is brought up with insufficient self knowledge to address this without being challenged. And it is very natural for more sensitive people to be more challenged at times, because the complexity is so great when you are living from your thinking mind and until you can find/connect with your heart and access your inner intelligence. The Internet, the media, the books, majority are too cerebral, pulling us into a small part of our brain, the part where thinking is heard. And we can get lost in this, it is very likely. And to be judged for that? The judge(r)s are also disconnected because they judge. Stick with their opinions, and you will remain disconnected. Value their opinions over your own inner knowing and this will feed your energy into keeping you lost. The world is full of people deemed successful with full mental illness or rather great ignorance masked, and people follow them, try to mimic them, in denial that they are not healthy or at least extremely ignorant and are wearing masks and playing a game of illusion. All because they seem to be more rich, more powerful, more famous etc. Where could that bring them? Well.. sooner or later.. disillusionment.

Be true; and if need be, be jobless and hungry. Fasting with your integrity will make you even a stronger person. Standing on your feet on aloneness will teach you how to face the unpredictable waves of life with trust and equanimity.

A final thing that came to me.. imagine you were a Nazi in early WW2. Which one would you prefer, being sick to almost death with all the atrocities committed around you because you are open to seeing them, or being ignorantly self righteous and feeling successful that your side is winning?

Sooner or later everyone will face everything, to be able to be fully integrated. Face early and freedom will come quicker.

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