How has meditation brought you peace?

by | Oct 13, 2019 | Question & Answer

Meditation is a state of focused awareness. Where we focus our attention, our energy flows towards. We create more of that in our experience. When we focus on specific objects in meditation such as the breath or the energy of love, or the formless awareness itself, we bring the experience of more life energy, more love, and more formless awareness, more space, more peace in our experience, respectively. More experience of the breath or the love also satisfy the mind’s seeking by giving it the direct experience of what it seeks. Deeper awareness of the breath is more than the awareness of physical sensations of the breath. It leads to experiencing the motion and the qualities of the inner energy. Focusing on the energy of love has the same effect. When energy is experienced this way, the mind becomes peaceful, because it is being fulfilled. This is a great example of the workings of the simple law of focusing the attention.

This article contains concise and accurate information on meditation, introducing it as the practice of focused awareness and with the qualities of specific suggested focal points.

This article gives more information about different types of meditation, and where the specific focal points and complete surrendering in awareness (focusing on nothing on particular, but just completely surrendering in awareness, which is the strongest focus in a way on giving all responsibility to the Higher Self). This advanced article can educate you more about how peace is created with these meditations, which all can bring a person to enlightenment.

This video is a cutting edge, extremely clear description of how meditation (specifically awareness focusing on awareness meditation and surrendering in awareness meditation, explained in the previous article) brings peace into the mind, clarifying the law of focusing the attention (with a matching intention), how the flow of the energy is affected by this, and the qualities of the resultant experiences.

When I practice pure awareness meditation or spiritual heart meditation with dedication, I can rapidly create a peaceful mind state, even if my mind has been extremely busy. (Sometimes I use breath meditation to better prepare myself. I choose the meditation according to the situation. What feels natural will shift according to one’s state.) Within 1 day/after 1 day of doing my best for a sustained practice, I can create great amounts of peace in even a previously very active mind. In time, as we practice, our ability to maintain our meditation practice for longer times also grows. Always practice sensibly, not from your ego. Just trust that what you focus your attention on (with matching intention) will bring about more and more the matching change in your experience as you maintain that focus.

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