What do you think are the reasons why one should work efficiently and effectively?

by | Oct 27, 2019 | Question & Answer

If you would like to see a rather deep and profound answer, read on.

There is ultimately no reason for anything. This entire existence is a container for infinite possibilities. You can find yourself thousands of reasons for whatever you choose to do. But even without any reason, you can choose to experience anything. Examine the understanding of human beings. Everyone has different reasons for doing their own things. Two people doing the same thing can have different reasons in their minds. Ten people can have ten different reasons.

If you understand the above paragraph.. the word ‘should’ will start to melt away.

But then what? See.. if you can feel the oneness of existence as your experience, you will begin to understand that there are reasons behind why things are happening that is beyond our thinking mind’s understanding. It is all happening AT ONCE as a SINGLE ENTITY. Now what is the reason for that? The reason will disappear, and you will find yourself in oneness with everything. YOU will be the reason and also the experiencer of all possible experiences, free to create any experience you desire within yourself. This state of perception or realization is a possible experience for human beings.

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