What impels you to write? Is it subject matter or the love of writing, your job, or the encouragement of others?

by | Nov 29, 2019 | Question & Answer

I see writing as part of the eternal process of creation. In this time within eternity, humanity can benefit from written works that can be used as a tool to support one’s awakening. Why awaken? To live life as it is of course.. Right now, humanity is not generally living life as it is. It is therefore, suffering. It is important to awaken ourselves and help humanity to awaken to remove this pattern of suffering. Otherwise, writing is not that important. We can create anything we desire, and even if there were no writing, we can be truly fulfilled. Yet, as of now, writing also enriches our lives. It gives us additional capabilities. When we are awakened, for happiness’s sake, it is not a requirement to write, or read. To do what is needed in the moment is important, and if writing is needed in the world, writing is a good choice.

When we have clarity, we already can see what is needed. For example.. if you can feel out for the entire world, if you feel responsible for the entire world, you will start to gain clarity about what the entire world needs the most. Then going in this direction becomes a very natural decision. Of course we start from where we are at. But can we just be such that we don’t leave things to chance in our lives in terms of how we live our lives? Can we say that, at least I am trying to do what can be done? Even beyond trying, can we just say, at least this moment, I am doing my best? And when the next moment comes, can we keep this up? I am not talking about doing what is necessary 2 hours later, I am talking about this moment..

Sometimes I just sit and work in front of the computer forgetting about time. Then I get hungry and see that my body needs exercise. At that moment, writing is not important any more. I get up and do what is necessary for the body, eating, moving around, enjoying the fresh air and the seaside, cycling etc. Because for that moment, I know it is best that I do those things.. And when I feel I can be of service writing from my heart.. I do that.. I am a student also.. learning to live life more and more fully. Life truly rewards, it itself is a reward when we sincerely look at life and live it, live as it. When we miss it, then we suffer within our minds, looking for a way out. The way out is, being life, as fully as we can. Our actions then come naturally.

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