What is an eye opening experience?

by | Nov 24, 2019 | Question & Answer

It is an experience which you live with awareness. It is an experience which you see the moment as it is, consciously staying in the moment, seeing. In fact, when you can be as such, you are one with the moment. This is not a doing. This is being. You can also do anything while being, it is not against doing.

If you practice meditation, you can learn to make your moments where your eyes are ‘open’. With this knowledge, it becomes a conscious process, otherwise, it is dependent on the intensity of the experience. People who aren’t choosing to live consciously become conscious mostly only on the most critical moments of their lives, such as pain or acute threatening of survival. When you learn to stay in awareness, maintaining your meditativeness, then you stop missing life, you connect with yourself, you become life, because ultimately you are literally life itself, you are only imagining you are separate from life as taught by society.

It is absolutely necessary to go into practice and not only stay in the conceptual understanding level to truly understand what this is. The conceptual understanding will support you, but only with practice you will gain the actual knowledge, the experiential understanding. Only with practice you will be consciously giving yourself the eye opening experiences. You can of course do something equivalent to the practice to consciously open your eyes because ultimately this knowledge is one with you. The practice is a scientific approach to show you this, and can quicken the pace you discover this because it has been already worked on and developed by enlightened people who came before your person.

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