What tips do you have for being better at motivational speaking?

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Question & Answer

Be authentic. Speak from experience and (live) from your heart. If nobody happens to be around, perfect. Be alone, but be happy from your own presence. One person can come and listen, and this is fine. A crowd is listening.. all the same.. Just take care to be authentic, and it will be fine.

Become wise. Cultivate genuine wisdom through living your life with awareness. Live as awareness. You are the awareness that is one with all life, that contains all life. When you live as this, as awareness you will merge with forms, and this will evolve your understanding of them. So, when you speak, now you will carry this understanding with you.

An authentic person can inspire people to be authentic. A wise person can lead them towards wisdom.

Keep going and embody your Higher Self. As you keep going in the above path, your superconscious aspect will begin to be embodied in your human self.

Love, Wisdom and Power, in their highest qualities are expressed by the Higher Self more and more into our experience.

An authentic person will discover more and more of this Love, living as awareness will evolve one’s understanding more and more to greater Wisdom, and the purification of one’s ego as one awakens more and more into their Higher Self will allow them to embody more Power.

As a result one’s voice and speaking will become more and more potent as well, carrying this Love, Wisdom and Power to whoever is willing to be open to receive them.

Aim for truth, aim for self knowledge, strive to focus on the purest Love. Whatever you do will be motivational at a matching level.

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