What can I do if I don’t want to put in hard work to help myself with my mental health?

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Question & Answer

Stay aware of your situation. Be honest. Be loving to yourself. Healing does not require one to fight with their mind. No matter how hard you fight with your mind, you can’t win that way. Fighting implies what you fight is external to you and that you can defeat it by fighting. But in reality, nothing is external to you. Everything is within you. So, by fighting, you stay in denial of this primary fact, and push what you fight away from you, and therefore, your awareness can’t merge with it, and you can’t understand it, and you can’t therefore gain mastery of it.

In your situation, be just aware of whatever you are experiencing, without pressuring yourself to make it different than it is. (in other words without fighting with it). Be loving to yourself as best as you can, just as you are. This will start to evolve your understanding. By and by your understanding will become more integrated. You will be progressing by this simple practice. This is as easy as it gets, and it will be easy enough for you to be able to handle it. You inner being is capable of doing this. You are this Love as the basis of your existence, it is one of the fundamental aspects of you. You are the awareness as the container of all your experiences. This is another aspect of you. Mental health starts to become restored when we come into our experience with these aspects, as our real self.

During this process, sometimes what we are experiencing can be intense or very intense, and a part of us that was conditioned in the past would want us to run away from it, or create a distraction to not experience it. This is the place where we must be adamant to stay as awareness with the experience, so that we can merge with it and our understanding can evolve and we become more integrated, more healed. This is the ultimately unavoidable at times difficult part, but it is an organic difficulty. It is supposed to be that way. It is not an artificial difficulty that we never want to go in or create. Our heart (our higher intelligence) knows that we can face this organic difficulty, and it will always be empowering us to face it. It is up to us to focus on this love within ourselves to be empowered, and it is up to us to make it a priority to stay aware with our experience. So, if I may, I will say that, deep inside, you do want to experience this kind of organic difficulty. You just do not want to experience artificial difficulty created due to applying methods created out of ignorance to gain mental health. And if one part of you does not want to put in hard work to help yourself with your mental health, it is due to the fact that you aren’t yet aware of this path’s doable nature enough. Study this answer, consider it.. You can also seek out sources that teach you more about awareness and self love. The answers I have already created on Quora (and they are generally aimed to assist in spiritual growth) also contain many references to these sources. But awareness and love are fundamental parts of you. Always remember this. The answers are here to direct here towards this. I am also remembering this more and more, and the answers are evolving in this direction over time.

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