Has meditation become a business here in the West? Because you don’t really need an app, guided meditations, sitting pillows, and more stuff to buy. A yogi in India doesn’t need anything to meditate, not even clothing.

by | Mar 1, 2020 | Question & Answer

I am not objecting to your point, here are some thoughts on this:

-Sometimes guided meditations can be helpful, I benefited immensely from the guidance of an enlightened person, many times watching some of his videos, containing meditative guidance as a built in approach. I was inspired to share much of what I share here by those teachings/expressions of the teacher.

-Pillows are for the butt, not for meditation :). I use a pillow to support my waist when getting support from the wall/bed railing, during sitting meditation. One day I want to evolve my practice to be able to sit long times without support. I was going in that direction, but got softened up a bit in the last years.. Pillows work OK, too, though..

-Apps.. I have Sadhguru App now, installed it not long ago, quotes/videos are coming now and then, and I find it beneficial for me. Some people who spend so much on their phones might find a meditation app supportive for their meditation practice. I haven’t used a meditation app, but had used periodical bell sounds and guided meditation audio recordings for a while.

In India I hear they used to feed Yogis, without them asking for it. I don’t know what they do nowadays, I suppose they still feed them at most places.

Let it be a business.. the form shouldn’t be that important now that one can reach free meditation education online.. and those who want to create paid environments of learning.. let them do that.. Some people may want to learn in that kind of environment.. just as some Yogis want to learn sitting naked in a cave/hill top/or wherever. I like to do (share) it for free, but do I actually do it for free? I always get more than I give, because all that I give anyway is given to me by life, encompassed by all that I get.

I was thinking.. nobody is starting from scratch nowadays.. The Sun did this long ago, and perhaps even it didn’t start from scratch. And billions of years passed.. and we received all the results of the Love that got absorbed into the reality of the planet. We are all sitting on a freely given paradise, which even allows creating hell within itself.

Nowadays it is funny Yoga pants in some places.. but soon it will be known that Yoga actually means union. Let’s work on that until it reaches the farthest corners of the Earth: the actual experience of union.

Living in Gallipoli, NW Turkey.. I go back and forth from Asia to Europe by sea a few times a week, with my bicycle, via ferry. Looking from here I would say.. In the West.. even a Yogi might see it fit to start a business.. not for the sake of earning money.. but perhaps for the sake of uniting with the money aspect of the western culture.

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