How did you begin meditation? What are the steps in terms of pose, eyes, sounds, chants, brightness in surrounding do you follow for meditating? How has it helped you?

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Question & Answer

At some point, I became consciously interested in meditation. Up to this point, there was a seeking, and many activities where I was also building up the ability to concentrate and/or the ability to stay consciously aware, such as martial arts, simple schooling/study, computer games, music, sports, writing to a journal, contemplating, at times practicing religious practices as best as I could, working at jobs, starting a company/being an entrepreneur, researching about personal development and trying to understand the human nature and many other things a human being would or could do.. Simply living my life and building up a conscious awareness while living it, without knowing everything exactly consciously about the whole process.

At some point, I read a book about meditation, it was a simple book with simple meditations described without getting into complex theories. I started practicing 5 minutes in the mornings. This lasted for some months. I also went through a spiritual awakening in the following years, but I was not formally meditating. I tried to understand what was happening with my awakening and contemplated and researched heavily about it, about spirituality/human nature.

Then I got across an enlightened person and his teachings. After examining them for several years, I started meditation again, based on the teachings/videos/articles he has and a few personal sessions/recordings of these sessions I got from him. He has an article that very simply, accurately and concisely explains what meditation is and how to practice meditation. I also got a workshop from the same person, which contained the practice of different types of meditations. As my mind became more and more conceptually educated, at some point I realized, this must be put into practice as well, so I also worked to put this into practice. Finally I was able to start. This starting was in the beginning of 2014, but previously there was a build up to it, where I worked to follow my heart/honor my inner knowing.. I tried to concentrate on this, with all kinds of challenges, and my ability to do this started to increase, before and after starting meditation.

The article explains concisely/clearly the method I follow while meditating, so there is no need to repeat it again in this answer.

Practicing meditation by and by made me a more conscious human being. I gained greater conscious mastery over.. how I create my life. Now I am in the process of creating a video series in Turkish to be able to share this energy/wisdom/technology with the Turkish people. This will be the first iteration in presenting this in video format for me to this audience, similar to the first iteration of a technological tool.

Some call meditation a state. Some say that meditation happens when the right conditions are there. The definition I gave you is a workable definition. You can use this definition/approach to actually start. Ultimately, meditation is practiced to be able to learn to live as who we truly are. The practice therefore contains as a built-in mechanism of focusing of more and more being who we truly are.

You can study, understand step by step, when you bump into blocks, you can also search about these in the search box in the same site. You can learn what is required from any resource your heart guides you to. Focusing in the direction of your awakening, you will be able to start meditation sooner or later. The very act of focusing on the realization of an intention brings it more and more into our lives. Just keep going, you have already started on your path to your awakening.

A note about the writings in this site: I recommend you check these two articles (article 1) (article 2) about the writings on this site if you haven’t already.