Is the 10,000 hour rule of mastery achievable for a regular person?

by | Jan 11, 2020 | Question & Answer

You are falling into the trap of defining yourself. Regular person? What is it? In fact, there is no trap out there waiting for you, either. You are creating the trap.

There simply aren’t any limitations whatsoever than what you place upon yourself. What is mastery? Why 10.000 hours even? You are playing hide and seek :).

If you truly decide to create a reality, it is a done deal. But it has to be so crystal clear, so sincere, without any self sabotage, any self deception whatsoever. ANY reality, it is yours.

Wait! But what about others? Yeah.. you can’t deny them. You can’t deny their free will either. You have already chosen to be in this world of free will beings. So, select a mastery goal which respects the free will of other beings, all the time. Now, you are empowered. Nobody to fight with, because everybody is respected as they are. You only need to become conscious of what the world is, what your mind is, to effectively create the result.

Yes, the more we attend to a creation of ours, the more it will yield. Ultimately, everything in reality is our creation. Things seem out of our control in most parts, because we haven’t yet consciously paid attention to them. And we haven’t been paying conscious attention to who we truly are for a long time as humans in this world, so we have forgotten that we are the consciousness, we are life itself. Remember that, and you are already the master of everything.

I don’t believe in 10.000 hours. I don’t believe in restrictions. If big bang can happen in a split second, mastery should’t take longer than that. The expression of big bang can take billions of years yes, and the expression of the decision of mastery can take perhaps thousands of hours for some yes.. But the decision. It can happen in a moment. Snap! Just the snapping of a finger, you have decided to become a master in whatever you desire. But do you truly desire to be a master of.. say.. guitar for example. Or do you want something more? First clarify that. Look within your heart. Your heart desires your highest good. It is your true desire which is in your heart. It is you. In this moment you can feel that. From this place, you can create your reality. Now, you will see that you are not a ‘regular person’ any more. You are the creator of your reality. We all are as who we truly are. Why limit yourself to be a master of a limited form? You can be the master of all forms. You already are, in fact. Will you keep hiding or not? 🙂

Be pure in intentions, be really really clear about what you want, don’t forget to choose it well.. and go for that, keep honoring your intention. Intuitively I feel that it needn’t even take 10.000 hours to be really great at something if you enhance yourself. An Indian related reference: Is Krishna different than who you truly are?

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