Is It Possible to Be Successful Without Being Mindful or Meditating Regularly, Even if Someone Is Too Busy With Their Work Schedule Like Ceos of Big Companies?

by | Sep 24, 2022 | Question & Answer

If they are too busy and not mindful/meditative, they are already in trouble, but they don’t know it yet. The more a person channels their energy into their subconscious expression without being mindful/meditative, without being the presence that they are, the more suffering they would create. (Still, this will also be a learning experience, no energy goes to waste.)
But probably, if they are a CEO of a big company, they already have some amount of concentration, some amount of intelligence, some amount of mindfulness/meditativeness cultivated. It is just that, within all the busy-ness that they are experiencing, they need to start focusing their energies towards creating more of the mindfulness/meditativeness and less of the busy-ness. The business will be steering towards success to the degree they are able to mindfully manage it. Success doesn’t mean as defined by arbitrary understandings. Success means growing and reaching greater harmony with life that is noticable in one’s experience in the form of greater peace, happiness, manifesting creativity.
Even if the company is shrinking in market value, it may be becoming more successful. We see in the stories of wildest success that when almost nobody believes the company, if the CEO/leader/creator/inventor has truly touched the essence of value within themselves, and mindfully keep working on bringing it more and more to this world, their success sooner or later becomes recognized in the world and changes it for the better for all.

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