A Blog Post at the Bottom of the Night. It Fits the Occasion. Appearing as You Are/Being as You Appear

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Blog Post (Translated from Turkish)

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To be able to write exactly what’s in my heart. I watched a beautiful video about this today, and it’s not over yet. Two blossoming souls, both of whom I would classify as teachers who are in my ‘favorites’ category, are having a conversation. One of them is new to me, Ralph Smart, and the other one I have been following for a while, Teal Swan.

Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WgjDKrb_-g

In the video they were talking a lot about honesty or authenticity.

I’ve been thinking about why I haven’t been inspired to write in Turkish these days. Maybe I think I haven’t fully integrated the Turkish part of my character yet. And I actually think that with these writings, I will integrate the Turkish parts by opening up to the public, but mainly by showing myself as I am and loving myself. Maybe the delay in Turkish writings may be a bit of rejection anxiety. Think about it… from the very beginning of the work, a thousand and one of our characteristics have been rejected and suppressed in the society we grew up in. You have expressed yourself as you are, you have been rejected a thousand and one times here and there, you have been judged, overtly or covertly. After a while it became so routine that you gave in, you lived in a half-dead state under the name of adaptation, at least part of you always stayed asleep, half-dead. Because if you wake up you get rejection, and you don’t know how to deal with that rejection.

But I know how to deal with it now, so I am going to start waking it up.

How do I deal with it? There is an energy of love that is felt more clearly in the area of our heart. Don’t roll your eyes right away. It just exists. How do you discover this energy? That’s up to you, but one method is to focus directly on this area and intend to discover this energy. The truth. Some may call it God. Some call it God, some call it love, some call it peace. Some call it the meaning of life. Of course, I think you should search for it in your own way, in the way you choose, but I wanted to share how I do it, in case there are those who are interested, who can benefit from it. I focus directly on the Spiritual Heart, which I have learned is where the energy of love enters our human being, in the area of the chest, but not in the physical body, it is a deeper center. In order to feel it, you need to focus on reaching the truth, feeling love, finding God, seeing the truth, whatever you want to call it, whatever your deepest desire is. If you can’t concentrate, hmmmm what should you do. Let me see, what have I done? First of all, do whatever activity your inner guidance naturally leads you to do. Not your ego, your heart. Or you can say your conscience. Look at life carefully, live in a state of awareness. Search for the truth. If it’s your time, I imagine you will be naturally drawn to the heart, but you will also feel a lot of resistance in the opposite direction. There will be resistance, it’s normal, you don’t need to struggle with the fact that there is resistance, you don’t need to fight with yourself by focusing on the idea that it shouldn’t be happening. Try to focus directly on the truth.

Some teachings say to stay in the present, some teachings say to live in a state of awareness. I would say, be awake, face it. You will fall asleep again out of habit, very probably, because you have a mental movement from the past. What I mean by sleep is that your mental/emotional activity will not suddenly stop, when you try to focus on the truth you will immediately become aware of the movement of these thoughts and emotions. You will start to look at the personality that is automatic, the personality that you are watching in a way encompassing it. You will realize that your attention is distracted, you will realize that you are again drawn to these thoughts and feelings. This is a normal, ordinary process. What wakes you up is to try to stay awake again each time you realize this, to try to stay aware, to focus on finding the truth the best way you know how. Focusing directly on the Spiritual Heart, even if you can’t locate it at first, it will eventually lead you there. This will be the case even if you are an atheist. The important thing is that you seek the truth. Those who are religious, focus on God, focus on Allah, and where is He? Isn’t he everywhere? But also nowhere? Focus on the essence. Focus beyond creation. Creation is also God, but it is a created part within God. God can destroy it at any time, and it will continue to exist. Focus wherever you feel it is. If you have focused everywhere and still you cannot find it, then focus beyond the places, within yourself. Focus on whatever stage you are in. You already have the guidance within you. How did you come to this article? Is it a coincidence? It is not necessary to answer that question.

If you are an atheist… Suppose you are a person who is used to focusing on thoughts. You feel emotions from time to time. I’m saying that thought systems and philosophy take place in the mind that we perceive in the head. But we can shift our focus to other places. So, an atheist will also be able to discover through experience that by focusing on the heart, for example, you can have very different experiences. So you don’t necessarily have to believe in God. But you have to have an open mind and be willing to search and find the truth, I’m talking about finding the real God beyond the God of religions that you don’t like, the real God beyond beliefs, the real reason for existence, through experience. You can find it for yourself without any argument, that’s what I’m talking about. So it is possible to continue to be an atheist and still be oriented towards the truth, it depends on the choices you make with your free will, your intention and where you direct your attention. An addendum for those who say what is he talking about… for example, when you are studying, haven’t you ever done something to distract yourself? That’s where you have put your focus elsewhere. In this way we have the capacity to direct our focus wherever we want, but this is a skill that is better understood the more we do it/use it.

Yes… how do I deal with rejection? By focusing on love.

I don’t care about rejection in this way, because beyond any kind of rejection I can feel peace. I can trust myself and therefore trust the universe. It’s the same thing. I will unpack this in time.

Let’s call it love. And it is up to everyone to discover it for themselves. But what I have written is meant to remind you that there is something inside you. But what you take from this article depends entirely on your choices and your character. But first of all on the choices you are making right now, in these moments. That’s how your character is formed.

This article does not explain everything. A thousand and one questions may arise. And you may want to seek answers to them. Some may bristle. It’s all great for me. As long as there is a movement.

Love to you.

P.S. I’m trying to make progress in looking/being who you are. All these things I’m writing about are about reaching the deepest depths of truth, achieving what I’m saying, purifying your ego. While doing this, I felt that it was time for me to share on the way, so I created this blog and I’m writing these articles. But I’m not at the end yet, I’m progressing on the way as I feel like it, I wanted to state that again. Of course, I’m lazy, I don’t always deal with it, but the more I try, the more it opens up. Look what a beautiful blog post, original.

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