Love is Learned with Love

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Article (Translated From Turkish)

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I’ve been looking for translation projects for freelancers. There are things I can do, but I’m not motivated. I’m not going to try to be motivated anymore. I will focus on what I really want to do.

Today I gave life counseling to a person from abroad. Some people might say, how can you give life counseling, is there an expertise in this life? Yes there is… But it is not something that can be learned from books… How a person can direct their own life, they can also help others in this regard.

So how am I directing my life right now?

Before answering directly, this has always been a paradox in my life. I mean, I have always had a sense of procrastination, that first we will do something, we will become enough, then everything will be fine. Earning money has also been paired with this feeling. Trying to earn money to be enough. Like, let’s earn the money first and then we can live life. I think some part of me has always had this. I’ve always postponed earning money in recent years, though. I always resisted, I didn’t do things I wasn’t motivated to do. I couldn’t.

So what are we going to do instead? We don’t do things we are not motivated to do, we don’t make money. I find the solution to this riddle in love, in suddenly starting to live life from a higher dimension. I find it motivating to be revolutionary, to evolve life and everything we live.

For example, I am trying to create a natural orchard like no one else in the district where I live now. I started to cover the field in the form of a network with a nitrogen-retaining fruit tree in the middle and 6 fruit trees arranged in a hexagon around it. But before I did this, I could do almost nothing for a year in the field. I went back and forth and fed the animals. About a year passed and finally I started to sow sainfoin, white clover, clover, clover, bee balm seeds on the ground of the field and I covered the area I wanted with seeds. Towards spring I plan to sow flower seeds. These will also support the fruit trees. I am now burying fruit seeds and so on, some of them in the tree locations I have identified. I also intend to plant saplings. I am trying to intuitively create an orchard without pesticides, fertilizers, pruning, plowing, irrigation. This is a kind of creation process. Fruit growing with pesticides, pruning, which I think disturbs the trees, plowing, which I think disturbs the living things in the soil, did not motivate me and I am trying to realize this new method in my own special conditions by blending what I have learned from the Internet with the directions of life. This is what comes from within rather than trying and I have no problem giving some of my energy to it. But I also feel that it will only be like this if I do it at the pace that comes from within.

I also write articles and try to share love as much as I can. I have been opening my box a lot lately and I have come across strong emotions. In fact, each time I face a deeper darkness and each time I come out of it more enlightened. I feel like life is leading me on this path. Because I focus on the love within me and life starts to go quite well and after a while I realize that I’ve gone deeper and deeper into more intense negative emotions. But then I end up discovering and maturing the thought that pulls me down, and I can actually see that I’ve been idle for a certain period of time, that I’ve focused on the thought that pulls me down and separated it from love. So I realize the patterns that make love in me conditional. Patterns that say that love doesn’t exist in me, that I need to do this and that in order for it to exist, and that make me run after them, but that are actually illusions and give me plastic happiness at most.

So I see that every time I take my focus away from love, I actually fall into these patterns. Nowadays, this is becoming clear. What if I never take my focus away? What if I keep it all the time? Then all the patterns will melt away; that’s how it seems logically, intuitively, in terms of the knowledge I’ve learned.

That’s great. That’s the way it is. So I don’t care about the translation, I don’t care about the money. I’m going to focus on my heart. And I’m going to walk this path. That’s what the title is about. As you walk, it opens up, as you walk, you learn about love, as you focus on love and live in a state of awareness, you learn, and as I wrote in the previous Star Wars themed article, the room starts to lighten and warm up. The only thing I didn’t explain in detail there was how to realize when we stop pressing the button. So how do we realize when we stop focusing on love? Somehow you arrive, your water starts getting hot and you start suffering. Or you start getting bored. Whether it’s the body or the Higher Consciousness, the system warns you somehow. If you choose to be aware, you wake up quickly and move on.

The system works perfectly actually, it guides you to what is best for you, and if you don’t go, you start to feel unwell, or at least you experience something like monotony. If you can observe these feelings as they are without judgment, in a way you are loving yourself as you are, you are progressing in love. And gradually you begin to discover the energy of love deep within your heart. All this happens with your spiritual effort. Not like the effort test on a treadmill, but the effort to become conscious, the effort to awaken, the will to see the truth.

Love is teaching itself. Consciousness is discovering itself. Creating and creating. Playing with shadow and light. In whatever way it desires. And that’s who you are.

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