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by | Feb 1, 2017 | Article (Translated From Turkish)

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I look back 1.5 years ago and I certainly wouldn’t write the same thing today in the same way. I feel a little more free of prejudice as I transfer the articles to the new site and go through them again.

I see that the personality that is like a dress on me is changing from one shape to another… changing moment by moment.

I want to write less but more concisely.

In software there is a concept called refactoring. Refactoring is the restructuring of software without changing the work it does. The purpose of this is to make the software do the same work faster, smoother and more effectively.

As the software creator works on the code over time, he realizes that he can make it smoother, easier to work on and more effective, and refactors it.

I liken the human personality to a computer program, but not like a program that exists on its own, but a program that runs within an operating system. And the operating system is life itself.

So who is the programmer here?

Isn’t our life and personality formed by the sum total of all the moments we live?

I asked a question and then another one…

Today I have made a lot of effort to stay in a state of awareness. I am also focusing on the Spiritual Heart as I remember. Right now I feel a fullness, in other words an accumulation of energy. At the same time there is a part of me that wants to shut down and run away 🙂 But despite everything I feel that I am making a spiritual effort and that there is a positive development. I am going to go and play some games soon, but before I go, let me continue a little more…

I am slowly reworking the old articles and creating the content of the Turkish site. They say Rome was not built in a day. I see life as an act of creation and I want to live as myself, knowing that I am responsible for my life, but I also want to live free.

Yes, who is the programmer here? Let’s continue the refactor process. We can say that the writings on this site are a creation that is gradually refactoring. In the process of bringing love into this world, my character is gradually refactoring. In a way, love is flowing here from the highest level, and my life is gradually opening up. I am in a movement with the whole life as a whole. We are all in motion together. So what difference does it make between you and me who are reading this… doesn’t it change your personality when you read this? I’m making an effort to stay in the state of awareness… if you do too… the refactoring process will continue at an accelerated pace…

I’m talking about opening our eyes, but I don’t mean physical eyes, I mean noticing. The articles I’ve written so far are a reminder to keep our eyes open, and I do this by sharing with you what I beoome aware of while keeping my eyes open. For example, if I say that I bought tomatoes from the tomato stall in the market, it probably won’t have any effect, but if I express something that escapes our attention with the originality of that moment, it will be an action that reminds us of the importance of awareness.

This is what I try to do in the writings on this site… so I wish you to become aware of the message itself rather than the shape or character traits of the messenger. I’m trying to evolve more and more in a direction that emphasizes that.

So what is the message? 🙂

How would you learn a subtle art? Calligraphy, for example? And is living less subtle than calligraphy? Let’s roll up our sleeves and keep working on the line of our lives as carefully as we can. Are you tired? Are you sad? It’s okay. If you are tired, let the shape of the writing be that of a tired man… if you are sad, sad… if this is your normal state, start by procrastinating at first, but gradually write more and more carefully, consciously, and follow the shape of the writing. An untrained hand will move in its own way… it will make clumsy movements like a baby who doesn’t know how to walk. But as you use it consciously you will gradually master it.

Here I put the pen away and start writing a new letter. By the way 🙂 I was not interested in Calligraphy but I was interested in Sword Art (Kendo). There was a Calligraphy scene in the movie Hero… it came to my mind. I think that Life, Calligraphy or Sword Arts, or more precisely all experiences are interconnected, they are a whole, and although the forms are different, they all work with the same basic principles. I want to examine these basic principles in more depth in the following articles. In this article, we have emphasized the principle of Awareness. I know that the other two principles are Intelligence and Creative Energy. My knowledge is constantly increasing in order to write on these principles, I will share as I am ready / when the time comes.

Additional Note (2/11/2017): I wanted to add this to the article after gaining some more insight. The perfection of even an ant is not diminished because it has limited knowledge. If a goal is to be adopted, beyond mastering it, it is to realize the perfection in all creation, to realize that the invisible hand that directs this perfection also directs us. Imagine, every event that happens… what people like or don’t like, want or don’t want… everything, but everything… every moment… perfect… let’s try to reach the state where we can see this every moment for a moment… even if a baby doesn’t know anything, can’t a baby feel this state inside? Even though we have experienced so much, aren’t we just like that baby, beside the infinity of creation… Can’t we feel like that baby?

The writings on this site before 2017 gradually move away from this awareness as you go back in time… they become more and more the writings of a person who is searching for this… the more you go back in time… so… those writings document the stages I went through during my search and my development… they will surely affect you when you read them, but I would like to remind you again that they are the expression of a development and that you should not get too hung up on the energies in the writings, that the main purpose is to reach the awareness to live the absolute truth moment by moment, and that I can reflect this experience to you as much as I can.

About the translation: This writing has been translated into English from Turkish with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version/2022). It uses AI and deep learning algorithms to provide translations with very close ratings to human translators. It was the most accurate computer translator as of 2022 and I am using it to be able to make available all my writings in Turkish or English in both languages, making minor edits to the translations when I have the time if I notice any need of improvement and also to make it possible to provide translations of as much as possible of my site’s content in other languages in the future. 

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