How can I manage to stop gaming and stop thinking about it?

by | May 3, 2017 | Question & Answer

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I am 15. I wanna stop gaming forever. I want to get my life in order. Get good grades, get fit but i can’t stop thinking about gaming. I want to play games to escape depression but the only thing that is gonna help my depression are better grades and getting fit.

The source of your depression is that you are conditioned to seek your self worth from the world. But in reality, genuine self worth can only be experienced when we honor our relationship with the actual source of it.

Listen the following video carefully, and try to discern the similarities with your situation. From where does true happiness come? Truly ask this question again to yourself after listening to it carefully. Question what you have been taught and find the truth by being truly honest with yourself.

Worshiping God or Worshiping Money: The Modern Day Sin

Believing that happiness comes from material objects or material achievements will direct your mind to work to create experiences in that aspect. But when you can’t immediately create them, you will fantasize and games are a way you have learned of expressing that fantasy. Even if you manage to create those experiences, you will discover that they are not the source of your happiness. You know it in your heart that they will not ultimately make you permanently happy, and that is probably the reason why you can’t get into action to create them.

Be truly honest, and see through the illusion of your conditioning. Look into your heart. Where does true happiness come from? Be brave to find the truth yourself, through your own effort. Not everything the society has taught you will bring you happiness. You don’t have to blindly follow the common path. You can awaken.

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